Friday, May 20, 2011

A few more firsts

My little monster man can't pass up a day for a few more firsts. Yesterday he took his first steps behind his push walker without falling on his face! (lol) He had his first pancake, went to his first baseball game and sat (slept) through his first fireworks.  What a fun day!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy month!!

This has been a busy month and as a result my blogging has fallen by the wayside.  I still intend to blog but I just can't sit down and take 5 minutes to do it! So much has been happening with the little monkey in the last month and it is hard to believe he'll be 7 months old tomorrow.  He's now climbing and pulling up on everything and getting pretty fast at crawling too.  He will sit and laugh at Jenny and Palin when they fight now, which is an improvement over crying.  We made a road trip to Oklahoma City and Tyler went to his first wedding where he was a hit with the ladies.  He was quite a hit at Katie and Court's wedding weekend.
The big reason my blogging has slacked is I have been trying to build my photography portfolio and started a little business. I spend a LOT of time marketing myself using social media and emailing people, and of course taking photos! I have been really lucky to have people interested and have been pretty busy the last couple of weekends. During the day I try to edit photos but i spend a lot of time chasing after my crazy little man who is into everything.

In the last month he's had lots of firsts.  He went to his first wedding, started crawling FAST, pulled up and now does squats at his activity table, fell and got a bruise on his head, ate big people food, went swimming, as his first play date with a friend, and slept in bed with mommy and daddy in a hotel.

We weighed him this morning at 17.4 lbs and he is 27.5" long.  He loves all food, does really well chewing and STILL does not have any teeth.  Crossing my fingers those come in any day so we can get some sleep around here.

That's about it for out big guy during month 6.  I have lots of pictures to follow in another post!