Monday, April 25, 2011

uh oh!

We're in big trouble! Not only is Tyler now crawling and sitting all on his own, he pulled up on his activity table and both of us today! oh no!! I guess it's time to start baby proofing!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

6 months!!

Little Monster man is 6 months old today! Can you believe it, because I can't!!  He was lucky enough to get to go to see Dr. K today for shots...what a gift right?!  This was the last round until he's a year, so at least that was good news. He is healthy, happy and doing great. They were very impressed that he is already crawling and we have the go ahead to start letting him have table food. He wants him to have developed a good pincher grasp by his 9 month appointment.  He is already very good at sharing his food with the dogs. I usually give him a few puffs on his walker tray and instead of trying to eat them, he likes to push them on the floor for his friends Jenny and Pay Pay. They love him for it.

He weighed in at 16lb 11.5 oz which means he's gained almost 11 pounds since birth.  She tried to measure him, and he freaked out when we laid him down so her measurement was 26" but we measured him at 26.75" at home about a week Dr K said the office measurement was probably off, but no worries there. His head, though perfectly round, is still only in the 9th% at 16.5 inches. This is perfect though since we obviously don't want any huge jumps in head size. He stays perfectly on track with this one.  Oh, and the best news of all, it seems there is a reason he's been driving us nuts being up all night and screaming uncontrollably. He is just days from sprouting his bottom teeth.  YAY!

So what else about our big 6 month old boy.  He is a total monkey and loves to wrap his arms and legs around things.  He is a total mama's boy and cries when i leave them room, and sometimes when I enter depending on the situation. He is now crawling and sitting unassisted (and painfully close to thinking about pulling up) and his favorite trick recently is to go from crawling to sitting so he can play with all of the toys he's discovered he has.  He likes anything he can get his mouth on, grabbing people faces and his favorite toys are his singamajigs.  He's also recently started petting Jenny, much to her chagrin.  He's a monster in the walker and jumper and now chases the dogs around the kitchen.  If we had more tile we'd never be able to keep up with him.  He loves pretty much all food and is generally easy to please. He has a hilarious little personality and like a Hill, thinks fart noises are about the funniest thing going.  He likes telling us stories but isn't really making any actual word sounds yet.  Soon i'm sure though.  His favorite color is red, loves splashing in the bath tub and any toy that plays music.  He is always chewing on something, or spitting. He's also starting to look more like his daddy. Dr K does seem to think his eye is going to stay two different colors and says at least its a good conversation piece! lol I guess that's about it for our big guy. Time is flying by! Happy half birthday Tyler James!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

baby leg pics

Now that Tyler is on the move his little knees have been getting roughed up by the carpet, so on days when he's wearing a onesie, I have been putting some baby legs on him to protect his skin.  Brian thinks they're ridiculous...I think they're adorable. I couldn't help but take his pics in these adorable pirate baby legs!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we have a crawler

Tyler is almost a week away from his half birthday and he is CRAWLING! For real!  He has been working on this for almost a month now, and recently started getting up on all 4s by himself...then he started rocking...then he took a few leaps (and face plants) and now he's moving.  It isn't exactly smooth or flawless yet, nor is he fast (thank God) but he is in EVERYTHING!  So we're officially in serious trouble.  He is so strong and totally crazy, but he's also absolutely hilarious. We're looking forward to what he has in store for us over the next few months. Hopefully he'll enjoy crawling and not be in a huge hurry to walk, but I fear after seeing him dominate our kitchen floor doing the Tyler 500 in his walker, he's probably gonna be all over that and running in no time. 

This is from Friday...he has since made even more progress on his way to taking off!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been a bad blogger

We haven't been super busy but a lot has been going on. I thought of doing a few new entries but honestly I don't feel like figuring out what order my pics are in, so instead if you're reading, you just get one BIG entry!

Last weekend we took pictures in Downtown McKinney (which was great) and in Sherman with Aunt Maggie, we took more pics at the park n McKinney (which was awful lol), had a BBQ at our house (no pics sorry), and then spent Sunday recovering and Grammy and Aunt Madge came over. Monday wasn't very eventful either, but Tuesday and Wednesday we had dinner with B's family while Tina was in town.  Big Daddy's 77th birthday was Tuesday and we celebrated at Olive Garden and then last night we went to La Hacienda in Frisco...YUM!  So here are a few pics from this week in review:

Tell me that isn't the cutest bunny ever!