Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 months old

I love how i start every post with what a slacker I am...and this month is no exception.  I am so far behind on editing sessions you'd think i've been busy or something.  The fact is i've been sorta busy, sorta lazy and a lot preoccupied with my very emotional baby.  He ONLY wants mommy but we're working on changing that. I've escaped to another room leaving him with B every night this week.  And guess what...the little turkey lays down and goes to sleep for him! UGH.  It's a work in progress.

So what's new with Tyler?
Well he's now saying mama and hi all of the time and he waves, which is adorable. I swear i've heard him say da, bay bay and love you. He thinks NO is really funny.  He's now eating three full meals a day.  He loves pretty much all food, though he makes some not so nice faces when i try to feed him peaches and strawberries.  LOL! He also much prefers feeding himself to me feeding him, you'd think he was independent or something.

He's been spending a lot of time behind the walls of the "baby jail".  We bought one of those giant baby gates because we were tired of chasing him all over the house and so far its awesome.  It keeps him in and the dogs out, win win!! He loves his foam sword and axe, anything musical and things he can bang on (including smashing a battery into my shin today).  He loves to make noise and talk to himself.  He's a skinny boy with long legs, wearing size 3 diapers and still in 6-9 month clothes.  He weighed 17.8 lbs and was about 28.75" long.  We haven't gone to the Dr yet for the officials yet so will update on the 29th after we do that. He got his bottom 2 teeth while we were on vacation last month and i see the first top tooth peeking through now!

Not much else happening right now. He's standing on his own some, and tries to take steps but usually crashes immediately...he scales things quickly though and is getting braver and braver. Oh joy!  He loves straws and plastic bottles any drink is fair game in his mind.  He's such a wild little man and we love him to pieces!!