Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January?!

Where has this month gone??!  Tomorrow is FEBRUARY, which means i can now start saying Emily will be here THIS MONTH!!  I'm in a mad frenzy to get stuff done because I'm nervous she's going to surprise us.  The game plan is for my mom to come and watch Tyler since she can pretty easily get off of work and be here quickly, plus he's very comfy with Grammy and i know he'd be 100% fine if we leave him over night with her.  I'm sure he'd love it if his substitute mommy (aunt maggie) was here too...but we'll have to wait and see about that. The one problem we have is that my mom is going to her annual conference in Austin next week,so if she decides to come between the 6-10th, Grammy will be out of town. BUT i've been informed my DAD will be happy to drop everything and come down.  I'd pay good money to watch that go down.  When i was a kid i used to worry that if my mom ever died we'd only ever eat peanut butter and jelly and pancakes because those were the only things my dad ever made...but lucky for tyler he likes those things! LOL Still we'll hope we don't have to leave him alone with Grandpa!! haha

As promised here is my 37 week belly shot:

But for now, no signs she's on her way.  I'm 37w1d today and other than being totally tired, nothing else is happening!! I wish i could get a great spurt of energy to clean, but that will likely never happen with a wild toddler to keep an eye on.  And i do mean wild. You seriously can't turn your back on him for a split second!  See:

Friday, January 27, 2012

woah woah woah

First off, we'll start with our dr appt updates from yesterday. Tyler had his 15 month well visit yesterday and B had to take him because i had my 36 week appt for Emily and thats the only way we could work it all out.  He weighed 19lb14oz, which was really a great surprise to me!! I had NO IDEA he gained that much. He was 18lb 3oz at his 12 month check, so that was a good improvement.  She measured him at 30", and i'm sure he's somewhere around there, though he never ever lays still so i feel like we never get a good height measurement. His head was in the 25% which is great considering he started so tiny! Overall his dr was very pleased.  He is 'talking', climbing, and hitting all of his milestones like a champ!  I'm a proud mama. 

Emily did well too. Another short NST because she is much more cooperative than her brother. He said her measurements look good, movement and response is great, so we'll see her in one last ultrasound next friday and then we'll go from there. As long as she's measuring okay and everything else checks out she'll be allowed to come when she wants!  I feel like she'll be here around the 12th, but whenever she comes is fine as long as she doesn't hold out too long! haha  I'll have to work on getting a new belly pic taken for this week (or next). lol   I didn't gain any weight this week and my bp was good!

I have a list a mile long of what i need to do before she gets here still.  I should probably start checking things off this weekend.  Queen of procrastination right here!!

And at the suggestion of a friend here are two lovely photos of my beast at his finest today. Did i mention he likes to climb?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

15 months & 35 weeks

Tyler makes my job as his mom so very entertaining.  He is 15 months old and it absolutely blows my mind how much he can do now.  He has of course been walking for almost 5 months now, he runs everywhere, climbs on everything, and is generally Mr. Destructive. If it ain't broke, it will be.  He's very into climbing on the kitchen chairs, his high chair, and the oven door is his new favorite.  He has recently started "talking" a lot more and i wish i had some clue what he was saying but between the sounds and pointing i can sometimes figure out what it is he's trying to tell me.  His favorite game is a game called "touchdown" or "tuh-dah" which involves throwing a ball across the room, backyard, just about anywhere. The kid would live outside. He LOVES it out there.  He has just started throwing his shoes at me when he wants to go out and play. It would be a lot nicer if there weren't dog poop everywhere in our back yard because he has no concept of staying in the front and i'm far too fat to be chasing him out of everything.  I can't wait to see him interact with his sister and i can't believe by the time he's 16 months old she should be here.  Its just crazy!!  If you ask him "where's sissy?", he will pull my shirt up, stick his finger in my belly button and laugh. But i'm pretty sure he thinks everyone has a sissy in their tummy.  It's cute.

He is wearing size 3 diapers, size 12 month clothes for the most part.  He's over 31" tall at my last check and around 19.5 lbs. The kid has GOT to gain some weight. He still likes pizza and loves his mommy's chicken salad and nutrigrain bars. If he sees a drink, he wants some of it, no matter what it is.  He's also very musical and into drums, guitars, and likes to sing along with Elmo.

He is such a sweet little guy when he wants to be, but he can be very high maintenance too. We're currently tryign to get him back on a decent sleep schedule so that when Emily gets here i'm not dying of sleep deprivation.

I am now 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our little lady.  We had a little bit of a high blood pressure scare last week but everything was fine this week. She loves to show off at the dr.  I had my group b strep test yesterday and did another non-stress test which she passed with flying colors.  Next week tyler will be going to the dr for his well visit with b while i go have my appt for her.  The week after that we'll be checking on her growth and hopefully she's still doing well. Lord knows i feel like i'm the size of a house.  As of yesterday i've gained 28 lbs and all is well in that department. It's all getting very real and she will be here soon!!

Here's a few recent pictures:
35 weeks 

Mr. Shark Gloves

such a big helper

his new favorite trick

Monday, January 9, 2012

34 weeks

i really suck at updating these days. You would think i might be caught up on things and have more time to waste...but my energy is just gone most of the time, and what i do have usually gets zapped by tyler.

So i'm 34 weeks pregnant today!! Just 6 weeks left :)  We had an ultrasound last week to check on Emily and she weighed 4lb 12oz and her head is GIANT!!  My dr is being cautious because of the issues we had with tyler so i start weekly appointments now and will do non-stress tests at each appt.  This is great, but hard to figure out what to do when i have a 14 month old at home that i can't bring with me.  Maggie will be watching him this week but after that i have to find babysitters.  Volunteers?? LOL  Hopefully i can swing afternoon appointments and my mom or brian can come to watch the boys. 

I'm still hanging right around 25-26 lbs and for the most part i feel good. I'd LOVE it if i could get tyler to sleep all night again, i don't know what has gotten into him but its been a very uncomfortable situation in our bed since before christmas.  He decided to start cutting all of his molars at once, 2 have broken through and 2 are very close so that's fun, and then he got hand foot mouth disease last week and had a sore throat from that and a 102 fever so he has required lots of pain meds here lately. Its pretty taxing on me, being 8 months pregnant EVERYTHING makes me tired.

It is impossible to believe Emily will be here so soon. I'm in no way "ready" for her, but we have everything we need and soon i will have 2 of my own children full time!! It's just hard to comprehend since i'm still getting used to being the mommy to ONE monster.  It's the best job though!

Here's Miss Big Head at 33 weeks: 

Monday, January 2, 2012


We had such a fabulous christmas.  All 5 of them! 

On December 17th we had our Christmas at Mimi & Mark's with everyone before they left for England. We gave mimi her presents and b made a ham and we all had dinner. It was nice and low key. 

On December 18th we had the Mahon Christmas with Nana's family at Grampy and Nana's house.  It was so nice to see everyone, since we dont' get a chance to get together throughout the year.  It was a hard year after the passing of Grant and Angela's son Gavin in May, but there have been many blessings this year as well, including the addition of baby Liv (jason and amber's new baby girl) and the surprise of Emily as well.  I enjoy getting together with them all and the kids are always so spoiled.  We won (be default, lol) Barbara's quilt this year and it is really beautiful and looks great in our house.

We went up to my parents on Thursday of the week before Christmas so B and Dad could go hunting.  B has been dying to go, so we planned to just stay at their house for most of Christmas.  On Friday mom and I went shopping and left Tyler with maggie for most of the day.  The boys all went hunting and  Maggie, Meagan and I hung out that night and then we all watched home alone.  On Saturday we did a little grocery shopping and then got ready for church.  I have missed christmas eve service with my family for the last several years because we have christmas with Brian's family that night but the service was moved to 3 pm so we were able to go.  After church we got ready to go to Tammy and Eric's for Christmas Even with the Lovelace's  It was nice to see everyone.  Tyler and Hudson had fun going crazy and running around, and they finally decided they like opening presents. Hudson had the most fun picking up all of the trash.  We hung out there until around midnight and then spent the night at our own house so we could do Christmas with tyler the next monrning.

On Christmas day we woke up a little after 8 and I guess Tyler was still a little sleepy.  I had to pee (what else is new??) so i got him up and took him to b and went to pee. I tried to get him to go look at his presents from santa, so i went to get in position to take his picture and he started crying!!  Once he saw his 4 wheeler from Santa he got over it and he was so cute with all of his presents.  He got SO MUCH STUFF!!  We opened presents and then got changed and ready to go back to my parents for christmas with them.  We got to sherman a little before noon and brunch was almost ready. They got home from Church and we all opened presents.  Again, Tyler got spoiled!! Santa left him a tent and a tunnel to play with at Grammy's house as well as a ton of other stuff.  The boys decided to go check their hog traps and we just rested and relaxed.  I ate more cookies over those few days than i care to admit!That night Meagan came over so we exchanged gifts with her and introduced her to Krenek family Christmas 1992. We were all crying from laughing so hard.

Monday we had made plans to go eat at La Mesa with the Hill family and then go out to grampy and nana's for presents. We were late...of course. Tyler decided to take his first good nap in days. We had a good lunch and then opened presents and hung out all day. We always have a good time together.  Everyone had to go home somewhat early because almost everyone had to work the next day. 

Overall it was a great, very nice Christmas with everyone. It went by so fast but we love seeing and spending time with our families and Christmas was so much fun with Tyler this year.  It will be even more fun to have tyler and emily next year. They'll both be into everything!!