Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Photos

What a fun weekend!!  Saturday we spent a bit of time doing...well not a lot.  Sunday we headed up to Sherman to celebrate my mom's 29th birthday...again.  Never a dull moment with my family!  I also got to see my BFF Katie, who was in town for her step sister's wedding. Such a great great surprise to add to my weekend!! I hadn't seen her since last July, so she got to meet Emily and see Tyler for the first time since her own wedding last year.  Maggie and I can really put on a feast...our dinner was delish!  Tyler chowed down on maggie's science expirement of a cookie bouquet. Then Monday we decided to take an evening dip in the pool which was more of a photo op for me than anything! Tyler loves splashing in his pool and now I can hardly keep him out of there. I was on the phone tonight for about 10 minutes and i had to yank him out 3 times! Hopefully I'm raising a little fishy.  It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bringing back the blog!

I've gotten very "bored" with blogging...i think mostly because i've been busy with the kids and life and so i feel forced to do my monthly update and that's about it.  BLAH BLAHBLAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

So...here goes.  I'm bringing back the blog about all things happening in the Hill house. Its been lots of fun around here lately. We have the kiddie pool all set up in the backyard which makes for lots of good photo ops.  Emily is getting bigger, cuter and more fun! And tyler...well he's always fun.  I also plan to include my fun coupon trips and mail i get from deals i find.  I planned to start a new blog for those things, but for now one blog is probably all i can manage.

In other exciting news tomorrow starts the beginning of my new exercise/diet plan to lose the rest of my baby weight. I will admit, its been harder to lose the baby fat after Emily.  I only gained 29 lbs with her, just 7 more than i gained with tyler, but its been a challenge to take off. I have lost 20ish so i have roughly 9 left to lose.  So some of that will be included here too. IDK about you but according to my husband the only things i seem to watch on tv are pregnancy and weight loss shows.  What can i say?!

So i'm brining back the blog.  But we'll wait to start the interesting stuff for later.  Its 10:30, and i just remembered i decided i was going to do this yesterday, so the fun will have to wait for now!