Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long, hot summer!

Its already august which is crazy! B started his new job a month ago and its great! I have hard days, like today, but for the most part i keep our heads above water which is what matters.  Emily is more awake and alert, its funny how quickly time is going by with her. I hate it and love it. I hate to see my tiny baby getting bigger and bigger so quickly. With tyler I only had him to worry about, with her I have her, Tyler & usually Hudson to worry about. I stay REALLY busy. I think first children are lucky to get that alone time...however long or short it may be.  We stay busy busy even when we do nothing at all. Most of the time it is fun.

Tyler is almost 22 months old. About the time he his 20 months i started thinking that sounded crazy, so instead i find myself saying he's almost 2. HOW did that happen?!?!! He's a toddler to a T, into everything, doesn't listen, totally adventurous (at his own pace of course). He's stubborn, ornery, busy, crazy, happy, heal thy and all boy. As much as he drives me insane i love him to pieces.  I was reading a post about him from last summer which referred to his demeanor as similar to a pregnant womans. Now i think that's how i feel about him. I can be soooo frustrated with him one second and absolutely enamored with him 5 seconds later.  He is my sweet boy, and i love him no matter what.  Its truly amazing.  He is growing like crazy, more so vertically than anything but what else is new.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers, though maybe one day when he tells me he needs to go to the bapoo he'll actually go! He's still wearing 12m shorts and 18m shirts. I"m interested to see what we're going to do in a couple of months when he has to start wearing pants.  He's talking a LOT. He has started saying several 2-3 word phrases and he loves to copy what we say, so far nothing bad, thankfully. He has really enjoyed swimming and "splash splash"ing this summer. He's really taken to the shower instead of baths too. He loves books, sesame street, eating, flip flops, and being crazy.  He's eating really well these days, and is up around 23lb. He's wearing size 6-7 shoes and i feel like his feet are so long and narrow. His hair is finally filling in on top which is nice...really takes after his mama. He is a total computer geek like daddy and enjoys video chats with B and Maggie during the week and talking to "mammy" on my phone. And of course, most importantly, he has to know where hudson and sissy are at all times. I think they might be his favorite people! ;)

Sissy is almost 6 months old!! I'm just in awe of how fast she's growing. She's a real chunky butt, weighing in around 17-18lb and has a big ol' melon. She's easily wearing 6-9m clothes, she's now sharing size 3 diapers with her brother, and her feet seem to be growing too!haha  Her hair is growing fast and seems to be staying brown like B's...i loooove her hair and her eyes. She's just so freaking cute! I'd love it if she could figure out how to sleep a little better at night, but she is a good napper usually. She laughs, smiles, loves to talk, prefers sitting or standing to laying. She can roll over but chooses not to usually, and as of last week she can now sit up on her own! Such a big girl. She likes to have people around and will cry if we walk away.  She seems to be a mama's girl, too. Lucky me!  We've let her try avocado and peaches so far, and will introduce more as this month goes on.  I have bananas and peaches ready to prep for her this week. I'm doing my best to actually make her baby food. I'm sad i've been so busy' that i've missed blogging a big part of her first few months. A year from now i'm sure i'll wonder when she did something...such is life with 2 babies.

I'm usually sleep deprived. There are not enough hours in the day. Its both bad and good having b gone during the week but we're making it work for us. I'm looking forward to the months ahead!! I know the rest of this year is going to fly by!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New job!!

I recently posted on Facebook about a big change coming to our family.  So while its still fresh on my brain i guess i should explain it a little more here.  To start, b got laid off at the end of April. This wasn't a shock. We were told not long before Christmas that this was coming.  Being told you're losing your job sucks...but it sucks a lot more when you've been told that 3 times in less than 2 years.  We have had BAD LUCK!!  They outsourced their department to Wisconsin and everyone in finance and accounting in Plano was laid off.  I always try to look at the bright side. He was hired permanently when i got pregnant with Emily so he got a severance package, which included pay through the end of june...but its still stressful since it had taken him 3 months of unemployment when Tyler was a little baby before he had found this job. Of course he didn't want to make too many major strides while i was pregnant with Emily for insurance reasons, so when April rolled around, he had no job. He had a couple of interviews relatively quickly but nothing that panned out.  About a month ago he told me he had heard about a job from a guy he used to work with and was going to talk to him that night.  He came out and had this look on his face.  I knew something was up.  He asked "would you kill me if i have to travel??"  How much travel??  So he explains its in new mexico and he'd be traveling during the week and home at the end of the week.  Meaning I am playing single mom all week long with a very trying toddler and an infant.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkay.  But i believe that the right opportunities are brought to us at the right time and this felt like the right opportunity. So i told him to go for it and see what happens.  Well, he had an interview and felt very positive about it.  It's not your run of the mill, cubicle position. He NEEDS to not be stuck at a desk twiddling his thumbs all day.  So last week he got the call that the position had been approved and he would start July 9th.  As the day approaches I am scared of how i'm going to make it, but i strongly believe this is going to be good.  Its going to be good for our family because of course the stress of unemployment is gone, but i also think its going to be good for our marriage.  We spent the first 5 years of our relationship in different places, and there haven't been too many days in the five years since that we've been apart.  Hopefully this will bring a new appreciation of our relationship to us both.  I know i will certainly appreciate him being here on the weekends, and maybe i can sleep in a little or catch a nap! While we don't see eye to eye everyday he has spoiled me with extra sleep the last couple of months.  Any mom of a newborn/infant that gets up 3-4 times a night, knows that any extra sleep is as good as gold!  :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Photos

What a fun weekend!!  Saturday we spent a bit of time doing...well not a lot.  Sunday we headed up to Sherman to celebrate my mom's 29th birthday...again.  Never a dull moment with my family!  I also got to see my BFF Katie, who was in town for her step sister's wedding. Such a great great surprise to add to my weekend!! I hadn't seen her since last July, so she got to meet Emily and see Tyler for the first time since her own wedding last year.  Maggie and I can really put on a feast...our dinner was delish!  Tyler chowed down on maggie's science expirement of a cookie bouquet. Then Monday we decided to take an evening dip in the pool which was more of a photo op for me than anything! Tyler loves splashing in his pool and now I can hardly keep him out of there. I was on the phone tonight for about 10 minutes and i had to yank him out 3 times! Hopefully I'm raising a little fishy.  It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bringing back the blog!

I've gotten very "bored" with blogging...i think mostly because i've been busy with the kids and life and so i feel forced to do my monthly update and that's about it.  BLAH BLAHBLAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

So...here goes.  I'm bringing back the blog about all things happening in the Hill house. Its been lots of fun around here lately. We have the kiddie pool all set up in the backyard which makes for lots of good photo ops.  Emily is getting bigger, cuter and more fun! And tyler...well he's always fun.  I also plan to include my fun coupon trips and mail i get from deals i find.  I planned to start a new blog for those things, but for now one blog is probably all i can manage.

In other exciting news tomorrow starts the beginning of my new exercise/diet plan to lose the rest of my baby weight. I will admit, its been harder to lose the baby fat after Emily.  I only gained 29 lbs with her, just 7 more than i gained with tyler, but its been a challenge to take off. I have lost 20ish so i have roughly 9 left to lose.  So some of that will be included here too. IDK about you but according to my husband the only things i seem to watch on tv are pregnancy and weight loss shows.  What can i say?!

So i'm brining back the blog.  But we'll wait to start the interesting stuff for later.  Its 10:30, and i just remembered i decided i was going to do this yesterday, so the fun will have to wait for now!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dr. Visit

We saw Dr. K today for Tyler's 18 month and Emily's 2 month check ups.  Let's just say we have 2 very different kids!

Tyler weighed in at 20lb 1.5oz, 32.25" and 18.75" head.  He's not even on the charts for weight, but Dr.K isn't worried. I'm so glad he just takes it all in stride.  Emily is 12lb 5.5oz, 23" long and 16" head. She's a healthy little chunk. He still wants us to get her ears looked at, so once B finds a new job and gets insurance again we can look into fixing them. I still think they're cute, but i'm sure at 17 she may not feel that way.

What's new with them?!

Tyler's vocabulary is growing everyday. His newest words are cookie, baseball, grampa, and yummy.He's so funny! He's starting to enjoy things like playdough, coloring and of course is still obsessed with elmo.

Emily is getting more alert. She is smiling and cooing at us. She loves for us to talk to her.  She is doing a good job holding her big melon up (did i mention its 90th%??) and she enjoys both her swing and bouncy chair. She's still a pretty good sleeper during the day and night is hit or miss.

They both got shots. One for him and 3 for her. He's done now until 4 and she gets to go back in two months for her next appt.

Nothing new other than that...but here are our precious little peanuts:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy bees!!

Well I guess having 2 kids has me busier than i thought.  I am a horrible mother and i haven't updated on EITHER of my babies in almost 2 months!

Emily is now almost 7 weeks old! she weighed 11lb even at 6 weeks and is quite the little chunkster.  She LOVES to eat but manages to be much quicker and more efficient than Tyler, which is quite nice. She still sleeps a lot but at night she likes to wake up and look around with her big, still blue, eyes. She's just so great and every night when we go to bed i think about what a gorgeous baby we have!  Its okay to think your baby is beautiful, right?!  Well, beautiful, smart and perfect...naturally.  She is the apple of her brother's eye for sure. He is now telling her "lub-ou" and likes to try to hold her and is constantly kissing her.  We won't talk about how he hit her in the head with the elmo phone today though.  She's in size 1 diapers now and 3m clothes and has the most petite little feet.  We bought their matching Easter outfits last weekend and will be taking pictures tomorrow so i'm looking forward to showing them off.

Tyler, beast that he is, is 17.5 months old.  The fact that he's nearly a year and a half kinda blows my mind, but time flies when you're having fun...or something like that.  He is in EVERYTHING now. He is so lucky he's cute, it saves his butt a lot of the time. He keeps me on my toes, and always on my feet.  He's a true destructo.  Its so fun to watch him as he starts to understand and communicate more.  His non-verbal communication is hilarious.  He loves making truck sounds and animal noises. The duck, elephant, dog, snake and turkey seem to be his favorites.  Last week he got his first stitches after falling into a pair of metal tongs and putting a nice 1.5" gash in between his eyes. That was a little scary but he's fine, and that's what matters. He is about 21 lbs now, wears size 3 diapers still and 12-18 month clothes, though he can still wear his 6-9 month shorts from last year.  He loves fruit pouches, chocolate, and apparently pulled pork! He is adding to his word count and can now say juice, shoe, sissy, go, look, this, love you and cheese (anytime he spots my camera or we open the fridge.) He can follow simple commands like when we ask him to get in his high chair, get a diaper and lay down, and go night night.  The biggest change for him is that he's now sleeping in his room in a toddler bed every night!! It has been great for everyone.  He usually gets in bed with me once b wakes up for work and we sleep til 8 or so! That part is great!!  As much "fun" as he can be, every night when he is sleeping i look at that sweet face and think i couldn't possibly love him more...but i do, every single day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stationery card

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she's heeeeeeeeeere!

Emily's Birth Story

We went to the dr on thursday 2/16 for my 39 week check (i was 39w3d) and i was still 2cm and about 60% effaced.  My dr stretched me a little and said i was now about 3cm. Then he asked what i wanted to do.  Up until this point i really didn't want to be induced but after thinking all week about how much easier it would be on everyone if we planned it, i decided to tell him we wanted to be induced if we could do it Friday.  He said we could do it the next day, be at the hospital at 5am. So i called my mom and asked her if she wanted to come spend the night so she wouldn't have to get up early b/c she was coming to watch tyler.  I got home around noon and started contracting. I kind of ignored it, but i never contracted during the day, so i thought it was kind of weird. This went on all day but there was no pattern or regularity. We went to dinner that night with b's aunt who was in town from colorado before we knew we'd be out of commission the rest of the weekend.  I was still contracting at that point about ever 5-7 minutes, but not terribly painful and about midnight they died out.  I woke up at 4 and took a shower and finished packing my stuff. We kissed tyler goodbye and left for the hospital. It was so early we had to check in with the ER before going upstairs.  I got to my room about 5:30ish and they were pretty bored so i had 3 nurses hooking me up and getting my info/blood/pee etc.  My nurse checked me about 6:45 before she left and i was still a 3 even after contracting all night.  Then i started contracting again but nothing too crazy...i enjoyed watching my contractions on the monitor.  they weren't terribly frequent but they were regular.  Once They hooked up my pitocin and things started moving fast. My contractions quickly got very strong and more frequent.  My new nurse checked me shortly after she got there around 7:30 and i was already 4cm and then she said, oops, I think i just broke your water, and sure enough i felt a gush. So that meant my dr didn't need to come by that morning. My nurse told me she didn't think i'd be there long. Over the next couple of hours she checked me as my contractions got harder and faster. She turned down the pit and eventually turned it off after about an hour.  I was at a 5 when she asked if i wanted to go ahead and get my epi.  I said YES!! and she said he'd be there in about 20 min.  About 25 min later she offered me some nubain to help until the anesthesiologist got there. I was feeling some relief and then in he walked. So we got the epi ready and instantly i felt better.  It took probably 15 minutes and she checked me again after it was in and i was at a 6. So i just laid in bed and was in lala land for an hour or so while watching The Help. I was still in pain on my right side so she told me to turn on that side some and eventually i stopped hurting. I think i passed out for a little bit because at about 10 i woke up and thought, i have to push.  I hit my nurse button so she could come check me, she put two fingers in two inches and said, um yep, baby's head is right there.  So they called my dr who works right across the street.  She said i can deliver the baby but let's try to wait for him, he'll be here in about 15 minutes. So i said, how do i not push...she said, just don't! lol  So i laid there talking to be as the nurse prepped the bed, got the tools, the nursery nurses came and got her bed set up, etc. After about 25 minutes my dr got there.  HE got ready and said he should sit down in case i had to push for four hours...he's so funny.   Then it was time to start pushing.  I coudln't feel any of my contractions but i could feel everythign else, just without the pain. It was amazing.  I sat up to curl my body around here to push her out. I pushed twice and her head was out. I saw her dark little head and she started crying. He said one more tiny half push, and then she was out. It was the weirdest feeling in the world.  I don't remember any of this from having tyler because i was so doped up.  This was the coolest thing and i instantly wanted to do it again.  They laid her own me and i put my hand on her tiny little butt and looked at how sweet she was. Then they took her to clean her up. It was at this point that i realized she had hair! I was fully expecting her to be bald.  I watched my dr pull out the placenta and listened to emily cry while they got her measurements.  She was 7lb 1.8oz, smaller than we had been predicted, but not that surprising. She was 19.5' long and her head was 13".  When he pulled her out i said to my dr, her heads not that big! He said, well its not small either. :lol:  Perfectly avg i guess.  So then everyone left and we got to enjoy our baby girl for about an hour before moving to post partum.  She screamed for a little bit while i tried to get her to latch and eventually she did.  Then my nurse took me to the bathroom, we got my mesh panties and diaper on ( ) and then we moved to our room.  AND they had my lunch ready when i got there.  I was freaking starving. But before we left the room i had thrown up, so i was cautious with my food. The nurse brought me pain meds and zofran and i kinda chilled while they took emily to give her a bath.  Not long after that my mom and tyler came and then b's mom and his dad and step mom all came around the same time. Tyler wasn't happy to see me or Emily!!  But he got over it eventually.  We know now there is no waiting if i ever do go into labor on my own, because apparently it goes fast.  We are greatly enjoying our little princess and tyler is a great big brother!

16 months

tyler is 16 months old today! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

39 weeks & Valentine's day

I'm 39weeks and 1 day today. We'll go back to the dr on thursday and will decide then what the plan of action is for these final few days.  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we will have a SECOND baby soon.  I just can't get it...i'm sure it will all smack me in the face when she gets here. I'm pretty excited about that.  And i'm pretty excited about being able to move again! hahaa

today was a pretty uneventful valentine's day, as they usually are.  B brought home dinner and tyler and i made a valentine for me to frame for next year of his little feet!  They're only so cute and little once...and their feet only fit on the paper for so long too! LOL  He's so flipping cute its hard to stay upset with him for only napping for like 40 mintues all day.  At least he went to bed early!

Monday, February 6, 2012

38 weeks

I'm 38 weeks today. AMAZING!! She'll be here any time now.  My mom is in Austin this week, so maybe?? Not feeling it though. Maggie is really hoping she'll come on her birthday, which is wednesday.

So we had an ultrasound friday afternoon to check her growth.  I'm thrilled to say she's doing great!  She weighed ~6#15oz, give or take a half  lb roughly.  Her head is low...and HUGE!! When i asked the dr again how big her head was,he said, pretty big...and then he started laughing!  Suffice it to say, this will probably hurt a lot more than tyler did. I'm excited to see how big she'll be. I'm just so tired and ready to meet her...so come on out Emily! 

Tyler and I went to Target today and then went to the park where he got to swing and then we walked half a mile before i convinced myself i was going to pee my pants.  So didn't do much good, but at least i didn't pee myself in public.  We may even go back tomorrow.

So for now i wait...rather impatiently.  I still have plenty to do though.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January?!

Where has this month gone??!  Tomorrow is FEBRUARY, which means i can now start saying Emily will be here THIS MONTH!!  I'm in a mad frenzy to get stuff done because I'm nervous she's going to surprise us.  The game plan is for my mom to come and watch Tyler since she can pretty easily get off of work and be here quickly, plus he's very comfy with Grammy and i know he'd be 100% fine if we leave him over night with her.  I'm sure he'd love it if his substitute mommy (aunt maggie) was here too...but we'll have to wait and see about that. The one problem we have is that my mom is going to her annual conference in Austin next week,so if she decides to come between the 6-10th, Grammy will be out of town. BUT i've been informed my DAD will be happy to drop everything and come down.  I'd pay good money to watch that go down.  When i was a kid i used to worry that if my mom ever died we'd only ever eat peanut butter and jelly and pancakes because those were the only things my dad ever made...but lucky for tyler he likes those things! LOL Still we'll hope we don't have to leave him alone with Grandpa!! haha

As promised here is my 37 week belly shot:

But for now, no signs she's on her way.  I'm 37w1d today and other than being totally tired, nothing else is happening!! I wish i could get a great spurt of energy to clean, but that will likely never happen with a wild toddler to keep an eye on.  And i do mean wild. You seriously can't turn your back on him for a split second!  See:

Friday, January 27, 2012

woah woah woah

First off, we'll start with our dr appt updates from yesterday. Tyler had his 15 month well visit yesterday and B had to take him because i had my 36 week appt for Emily and thats the only way we could work it all out.  He weighed 19lb14oz, which was really a great surprise to me!! I had NO IDEA he gained that much. He was 18lb 3oz at his 12 month check, so that was a good improvement.  She measured him at 30", and i'm sure he's somewhere around there, though he never ever lays still so i feel like we never get a good height measurement. His head was in the 25% which is great considering he started so tiny! Overall his dr was very pleased.  He is 'talking', climbing, and hitting all of his milestones like a champ!  I'm a proud mama. 

Emily did well too. Another short NST because she is much more cooperative than her brother. He said her measurements look good, movement and response is great, so we'll see her in one last ultrasound next friday and then we'll go from there. As long as she's measuring okay and everything else checks out she'll be allowed to come when she wants!  I feel like she'll be here around the 12th, but whenever she comes is fine as long as she doesn't hold out too long! haha  I'll have to work on getting a new belly pic taken for this week (or next). lol   I didn't gain any weight this week and my bp was good!

I have a list a mile long of what i need to do before she gets here still.  I should probably start checking things off this weekend.  Queen of procrastination right here!!

And at the suggestion of a friend here are two lovely photos of my beast at his finest today. Did i mention he likes to climb?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

15 months & 35 weeks

Tyler makes my job as his mom so very entertaining.  He is 15 months old and it absolutely blows my mind how much he can do now.  He has of course been walking for almost 5 months now, he runs everywhere, climbs on everything, and is generally Mr. Destructive. If it ain't broke, it will be.  He's very into climbing on the kitchen chairs, his high chair, and the oven door is his new favorite.  He has recently started "talking" a lot more and i wish i had some clue what he was saying but between the sounds and pointing i can sometimes figure out what it is he's trying to tell me.  His favorite game is a game called "touchdown" or "tuh-dah" which involves throwing a ball across the room, backyard, just about anywhere. The kid would live outside. He LOVES it out there.  He has just started throwing his shoes at me when he wants to go out and play. It would be a lot nicer if there weren't dog poop everywhere in our back yard because he has no concept of staying in the front and i'm far too fat to be chasing him out of everything.  I can't wait to see him interact with his sister and i can't believe by the time he's 16 months old she should be here.  Its just crazy!!  If you ask him "where's sissy?", he will pull my shirt up, stick his finger in my belly button and laugh. But i'm pretty sure he thinks everyone has a sissy in their tummy.  It's cute.

He is wearing size 3 diapers, size 12 month clothes for the most part.  He's over 31" tall at my last check and around 19.5 lbs. The kid has GOT to gain some weight. He still likes pizza and loves his mommy's chicken salad and nutrigrain bars. If he sees a drink, he wants some of it, no matter what it is.  He's also very musical and into drums, guitars, and likes to sing along with Elmo.

He is such a sweet little guy when he wants to be, but he can be very high maintenance too. We're currently tryign to get him back on a decent sleep schedule so that when Emily gets here i'm not dying of sleep deprivation.

I am now 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our little lady.  We had a little bit of a high blood pressure scare last week but everything was fine this week. She loves to show off at the dr.  I had my group b strep test yesterday and did another non-stress test which she passed with flying colors.  Next week tyler will be going to the dr for his well visit with b while i go have my appt for her.  The week after that we'll be checking on her growth and hopefully she's still doing well. Lord knows i feel like i'm the size of a house.  As of yesterday i've gained 28 lbs and all is well in that department. It's all getting very real and she will be here soon!!

Here's a few recent pictures:
35 weeks 

Mr. Shark Gloves

such a big helper

his new favorite trick

Monday, January 9, 2012

34 weeks

i really suck at updating these days. You would think i might be caught up on things and have more time to waste...but my energy is just gone most of the time, and what i do have usually gets zapped by tyler.

So i'm 34 weeks pregnant today!! Just 6 weeks left :)  We had an ultrasound last week to check on Emily and she weighed 4lb 12oz and her head is GIANT!!  My dr is being cautious because of the issues we had with tyler so i start weekly appointments now and will do non-stress tests at each appt.  This is great, but hard to figure out what to do when i have a 14 month old at home that i can't bring with me.  Maggie will be watching him this week but after that i have to find babysitters.  Volunteers?? LOL  Hopefully i can swing afternoon appointments and my mom or brian can come to watch the boys. 

I'm still hanging right around 25-26 lbs and for the most part i feel good. I'd LOVE it if i could get tyler to sleep all night again, i don't know what has gotten into him but its been a very uncomfortable situation in our bed since before christmas.  He decided to start cutting all of his molars at once, 2 have broken through and 2 are very close so that's fun, and then he got hand foot mouth disease last week and had a sore throat from that and a 102 fever so he has required lots of pain meds here lately. Its pretty taxing on me, being 8 months pregnant EVERYTHING makes me tired.

It is impossible to believe Emily will be here so soon. I'm in no way "ready" for her, but we have everything we need and soon i will have 2 of my own children full time!! It's just hard to comprehend since i'm still getting used to being the mommy to ONE monster.  It's the best job though!

Here's Miss Big Head at 33 weeks: 

Monday, January 2, 2012


We had such a fabulous christmas.  All 5 of them! 

On December 17th we had our Christmas at Mimi & Mark's with everyone before they left for England. We gave mimi her presents and b made a ham and we all had dinner. It was nice and low key. 

On December 18th we had the Mahon Christmas with Nana's family at Grampy and Nana's house.  It was so nice to see everyone, since we dont' get a chance to get together throughout the year.  It was a hard year after the passing of Grant and Angela's son Gavin in May, but there have been many blessings this year as well, including the addition of baby Liv (jason and amber's new baby girl) and the surprise of Emily as well.  I enjoy getting together with them all and the kids are always so spoiled.  We won (be default, lol) Barbara's quilt this year and it is really beautiful and looks great in our house.

We went up to my parents on Thursday of the week before Christmas so B and Dad could go hunting.  B has been dying to go, so we planned to just stay at their house for most of Christmas.  On Friday mom and I went shopping and left Tyler with maggie for most of the day.  The boys all went hunting and  Maggie, Meagan and I hung out that night and then we all watched home alone.  On Saturday we did a little grocery shopping and then got ready for church.  I have missed christmas eve service with my family for the last several years because we have christmas with Brian's family that night but the service was moved to 3 pm so we were able to go.  After church we got ready to go to Tammy and Eric's for Christmas Even with the Lovelace's  It was nice to see everyone.  Tyler and Hudson had fun going crazy and running around, and they finally decided they like opening presents. Hudson had the most fun picking up all of the trash.  We hung out there until around midnight and then spent the night at our own house so we could do Christmas with tyler the next monrning.

On Christmas day we woke up a little after 8 and I guess Tyler was still a little sleepy.  I had to pee (what else is new??) so i got him up and took him to b and went to pee. I tried to get him to go look at his presents from santa, so i went to get in position to take his picture and he started crying!!  Once he saw his 4 wheeler from Santa he got over it and he was so cute with all of his presents.  He got SO MUCH STUFF!!  We opened presents and then got changed and ready to go back to my parents for christmas with them.  We got to sherman a little before noon and brunch was almost ready. They got home from Church and we all opened presents.  Again, Tyler got spoiled!! Santa left him a tent and a tunnel to play with at Grammy's house as well as a ton of other stuff.  The boys decided to go check their hog traps and we just rested and relaxed.  I ate more cookies over those few days than i care to admit!That night Meagan came over so we exchanged gifts with her and introduced her to Krenek family Christmas 1992. We were all crying from laughing so hard.

Monday we had made plans to go eat at La Mesa with the Hill family and then go out to grampy and nana's for presents. We were late...of course. Tyler decided to take his first good nap in days. We had a good lunch and then opened presents and hung out all day. We always have a good time together.  Everyone had to go home somewhat early because almost everyone had to work the next day. 

Overall it was a great, very nice Christmas with everyone. It went by so fast but we love seeing and spending time with our families and Christmas was so much fun with Tyler this year.  It will be even more fun to have tyler and emily next year. They'll both be into everything!!