Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 month stats

Tyler weighed 17.5 lbs and was 28.25" long on Sunday according to mommy's measurements! lol  He's getting so big and strong and wants to RUN so bad.  Now if he could just try sleeping once in a while. He sleeps okay with me, but i'm over getting kicked and hit all night and be is tired of getting booted out of bed.

That's about all of the excitement we have going on.  I have to take advantage of my down time now that he's into everything! LOL, this kid wears me out!

We took him to his first Rangers game on Monday night. He had a good time for the first half of the game but then he was ready to go home!  He looked so cute in his Rangers gear and wanted to sit in a seat like a big boy by himself.  He's so funny!!
See my teeth

Daddy's first Father's Day

Big Stuff on Daddy's Shoulder
Rangers Game

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tyler's been quite the traveler in his 8 short months of life! He's been to Arkansas to see his great grandparents, he went to Oklahoma City to see my best friend Katie get married and then he got to go to Florida last weekend for our friends Katie and Sean's wedding, which B and I both got to be a part of!  Early Thursday morning (like 3am early) B, Maggie, Mom and I headed east to Pensacola...Gulf Breeze to be exact.  We managed to get there in about 12 hours which was awesome considering some less than timely stops and a poop exlosion from the kiddo. But leaving early was great because he slept for a good chunk of the trip and overall was an angel until about an hour before we got there. Unfortunately it was during this hour that B missed a highway exit and got all pissy...and well i was less than happy after that overload of male fury.  We checked into Margaritaville which is on the beach, absolutely gorgeous and I HIGHLY recommend it. They had a beautiful pool, great beach location, and most importantly, everyone there was SOOOOO nice. So if you go to Pensacola, definitely check it out. We had to get ready for the rehearsal dinner immediately so we changed and left Tyler with grammy and aunt maggie.  We had a fun night and Tyler was more than happy to see us when we got back. 
Friday was the we got up and went to the beach for a while. Tyler wasn't a huge fan of the water but apparently he liked the sound. Then we went to the pool for a little while before we had to go get ready. Around one I went to get ready with the girls and B was supposed to meet up with the guys at 2:30.  My mom got volunteered by me to help send people down the aisle, so she and maggie showed up around 5.  Just enough time for me to feed tyler and get ready to go.  At 5:30 the wedding started. It was gorgeous, Katie was just beautiful and it was just amazing.  The highlight of the evening was when there was a miscommunication and no one brought down Sean's ring, so they were actually married with B's ring! LOL  Quick thinking from that guy.  After the wedding we took lots of pics with the wonderful Ben and Stefanie and then we partied! It was a really fantastic evening. 

Saturday we were heading out and decided to hit the beach one last time.  Maggie, Mom and I went to the ocean but we only had an hour.  We got a quick dip and headed back in...we loved it so much I think Mom planned our family vacation there for next year the whole way home.  Gorgeous.  Tyler was awesome pretty much the whole way home as well. There were a few more poop explosions and a near death by lightening strike experience but overall it was pretty pleasant. It took much longer to get home and by the time we got there we were wiped out! It was short but wonderful and we can't wait to go back!!

a little early...

Tyler won't be 8 months until Sunday which is also his daddy's first father's day. We have lots of plans for the weekend so i figured i'd do a couple of short updates while i'm thinking about.  Tyler has been a crab and a half lately, not sleeping well, not taking naps, major separation anxiety...he's like a pregnant woman...happy and smiling one second, screaming and crying the next.  Then it dawned on me, the kid has had a lot going on lately.  He's cut his two bottom teeth in the last week, and then out of nowhere he starts talking (mama is his first word!!)  and he let go of the activity table yesterday and stood on his own. Hard to believe he could be walking this time next month!  That's a lot for a little person, no wonder he's so crabby! Still, i'd like my nice calm baby back whenever he's ready to reappear.

Today we went swimming at Mimi's with Delaney and Hudson and he had lots of fun.  It's already insanely hot here and i can see this summer isn't gonna be much fun.  His new favorite snack is cheerios, which he had a lot of today!  I think only half of what i give him ends up in his mouth though...thats the only time i'm glad we have two dogs, they do love to clean up after him.

We have exciting plans for the weekend, including Daddy's father's day surprise! :)  We'll be celebrating Father's Day and Grampy's birthday with the Hills on Saturday and then going to mimi and mark's on Sunday!  We'll do Father's day with the Krenek's next weekend.

Oh and i totally forgot to post about florida but i'll do that in a separate post!  Will update later in the weekend on his stats!!