Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tyler is getting a ...

So, I decided today was a great day to tell everyone about Tyler's little sister.  I sent all of our family members a text around lunch with a picture saying tyler's getting a..
and of course the picture is the one you see above. I don't know that anyone is all that surprised but its nice to have everyone know.  Now we're all even more excited for February and to meet Emily Claire!

B is a Spaz

I want to document this while i'm thinking about it, because maybe one day he won't be quite such a freak.  He is absolutely hilarious as a parent because he's ordinarily so laid back, but when it comes to Tyler he is always on high alert. I guess I find this humorous because after years of working with other people's kids, tiny little things don't frighten me and even the big stuff doesn't send me into a complete freak out. One of his biggest triggers is choking. He absolutely lives in fear that our child is going to choke.  I think everyone knows that their kid is going to choke at some point, and our kid makes this especially fun by practicing his skills as a competitive eater every chance he gets.  The boy can shovel food into his mouth like no other. So last night we were having pizza and tyler wanted the whole cheesey bread stick, not just the pieces his dad had made him. So he was sitting in his chair gnawing on it and I was in the kitchen at the sink, B was on the couch watching baseball.  Next thing i know i hear Tyler cough, B says he's choking, and before i can turn the water off, he's flying over the baby gate, pizza plate in hand and is at the table before i can even figure out what's going on.  I unbuckle tyler, flip him over, give him a couple whacks (as does b) and he yaks up a chunk of pizza.  He then proceeds to wipe snot,spit and puke all over his face and won't let b clean him at all. I said, he needs a bath anyway, let's just bathe him.  He is getting increasingly frustrated which makes me nuts b/c it is, in my opinion, sort of irrational. Tyler is fine, yes he has puke in his nose, he'll live. Maybe because i puked for 9 months of pregnancy with him and about 5 months of pregnancy so far now,  puke doesn't really perturb me too much.  So in the end I take him in the bathroom, he's grabbing all over me with his snotty puke hands, and I get him in the tub where he's finally calmed down and happily playing with his ducks.  B comes in and he says, I'm sorry I freaked out.  I guess he just doesn't have the same reaction i do...but I know it isn't going to help the situation one bit if i get all flustered while trying to removed a chunk of bread from our child's mouth/throat. In the end I think he was just gagging and couldn't get it out, i don't even think he was really choking.  I just told him I really hope he never chokes when i'm not around. I have had infant CPR and have had training in how to handle a choking infant. He hasn't...maybe we need to sign him up for a class before this one comes along!
Any way, he makes me laugh. He says we all think he's over protective and while I don't think that's necessarily true, he definitely worries about a lot of things that i don't even think much of. This is his first rodeo so we'll let him learn and maybe one day he'll relax a little. I know when our kids get older it will be fun to reflect on the days of him as the freak-out dad.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have a secret...

Here's our new baby...measuring 18w5d!!  We'll see who actually reads this blog and wants to know if we're having a boy or a girl!  Baby is absolutely perfect.  Heartbeat was 157, everything is perfect. :) I've gained 5 lbs so far, and baby is measuring 60th%!  Overall it was a great appointment.

As for Tyler, I'm not sure I could love him any more than I do!! He has been marching around the living room talking into a puff container saying Mama, Mama, na na na, dada, AHHHHHHHH! hahaha He is the best!

Monday, September 19, 2011

11 months old!

One more month til we have a ONE year old!! This year has gone by so incredibly fast. I'm extremely blessed to have been able to stay home with Tyler every day and watch him grow up. I haven't had to miss a thing and i LOVE it.  It makes me both very happy and sad to see him getting big.  Whenever I say i'm sad B always says "better than the alternative" which is right.  He's just so crazy! He gets into everything, i can't keep him off of the couch now, he is walking and trying to run after just a week, he likes to do pull ups on everything.  What i've been most entertained with lately is how smart he is and how amazing it is when he figures out new things. He's been mocking our behaviors a lot lately.  He knows who we are.  When i say where's daddy, he looks at b. Then say where's mommy? And he turns back to me. We're still working on other people...not sure who else he has figured out.  He dances with just his arms, knows how to point, clap, wave, and has a new trick all of the time. I just love watching him try to figure things out.

So at 11 months he weighs 18.4 lbs. YES!!!  He's over 29" long...but i can't get him to hold still long enough to get a good measurment. He has REALLY long legs. He's got 6 teeth, four on top and two on bottom.  Pretty sure those 1 year molars are starting to bother him a little.  He is now drinking big boy milk, but unfortunately we discovered he's lactose intolerant. So we made the switch to coconut milk and may add in some soy.  He loves juice, pizza, pear cups, bean burritos, french fries, all veggies, cheese, hamburger...almost everything! He isn't a fan of hot dogs, or anything he has to be fed, except yogurt and cheese. He still wears size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes, some 12 month.

The plans for his party are underway and in 33 days we'll be celebrating his birthday!! I'm really excited...we have so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We have a walker!

I said I was going to wait until his next monthly update to do a big update but this Sunday something exciting happend:  he started WALKING!!  Friday and Saturday I noticed he was standing up without assistance. He's come close to this a million times and really didn't need help, just didn't quite have the confidence.  I guess that was all it took because on Sunday he took off and he hasn't stopped since. He's a walking fool!  It's so cute to see him toddling around the house now like a little monster screaming and acting crazy.  He loves to run around with his bat or sword in his hand, he's quite a terror.  Hahaha, I'm not sure he could be more "boy". haha

I go back to the dr in 11 days and hopefully we'll figure out when we'll find out the new baby's sex.  I've done nothing but obsess about this since i found out i was pregnant. I would absolutely love another boy...but i have a daily convo with myself about how great it would be to have a little girl too. I honestly have no clue...and even B won't commit one way or another.  We do have a boy name picked but no girl name even close. He hates everything i like and vice versa. So's probably a girl!   I'm 17 weeks now and I can definitely tell i'm pregnant.  I've been able to "for sure" feel the baby for about 10 days now, even on the outside. I'm gaining weight now so i'm sure my dr will be happy about that.  B keeps joking that this will be our 9 lb baby since tyler was so tiny!  I really hope he's wrong.

Well that's about it for a few more days, will do the big update on Monday when the big boy turns 11 months old!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is a bit overdue but last week we finally announced that tyler is going to be a:


Yes it is both very exciting and soon! haha  We're thrilled to pieces and can't wait for our new addition to the family.  Even he looks happy about it. Baby is due at the end of February, so happy 30th to B!  We don't know what we're having yet but hopefully we will soon! In the mean time maybe i'll have any excuse to update the blog more.  I'm 17 weeks as of tomorrow, morning sickness has died down for the most part, i'm not super tired constantly...but i'm still pretty dang tired. Having a very little person and being pregnant is REALLY hard, but we are all doing great.

Tyler has now switched to whole milk, a little early, but mommy couldn't keep up and he refused formula, so i'm happy to report he's already gaining weight!  He has cut his 6th tooth as of last week and is now WALKING!!  I'll save the rest of the details for his 11 month update next week but i had to put that out there! :)

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