Monday, February 28, 2011


Food. That's what's happening at our house!! Since B became unemployed we're watching our money a little closer, naturally, and the first place we decided we could tighten up is in the grocery dept. We are famous for shopping once every 6 weeks and eating out for 4 of the weeks in between. It's not very budget savvy, nor is it healthy for us.  So now, I'm cooking again. I have meant to take pictures of our declious dinners, but it hasn't been happening, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  Tonight I made spinach, garlic and red pepper quesadillas with pepper jack cheese. YUM! Ashley and I made cake balls for the first time since I promised Mike I would eventually teach her how.  It was very fun and of course I love having company! I have decided B and I are like retired people. We stay home, watch TV shows, and the highlight of our day is what I'm making for dinner.  And it's not even usually that exciting!  Oh well, having fun costs money!  I long for the day I'm rich...

Tyler has done AWESOME with solids so far! He just really does not like cereal. He will tolerate oatmeal if I mix it in his food but he has no real interest in it.  I've been kinda doing whatever with food and hopefully it won't bite me in the ass later, but honestly people have been feeding their kids for a long time and I dont' think there was ever a certain schedule for feeding them. I'm just keeping an eye out for anything suspicious but so far he seems to like everything he's had.  He has now tried sweet potatoes, squash, pears and peaches.  Gosh, he's getting so big so fast!
This is how he wakes up! So happy!
 Attempting a nap
 Dancing with Dadd
 Just like his mama!
 practicing sitting up

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone slept like a big boy last night!!

No he didn't sleep in the crib but we were able to get the bassinet out of the pack n play and he slept on the normal part all by himself!! Here's how that happened.  We had been talking to Jenna and Chris about how Hudson is now sleeping by himself at the babysitters and so we brainstormed a little and decided to try putting him in the pack n play again. So he fell asleep last night and I knew it was after his bed time so I went and laid him down in there...of course immediately his eyes popped open. We're like great...we mess around with a few things in his bed and he fusses some when we realize one of the dogs has peed on the bed. Immediately Jenny runs into her crate. We get onto her, get new sheets, I go to clean the mattress and realize its not pee, but puke. Lovely.  About the time we're wrapping things up, we realize Tyler has calmed himself down and is almost asleep!  I guess it doesn't have to be pitch black or silent for him to get sleepy.  He went to sleep all by himself and woke up at his normal times.  I wish he'd get over the middle of the night thing, but all in good time I suppose. YAY to my big boy!! :)

Oh and Happy 29th Birthday to Daddy! In honor of B's birthday, Tyler wore his "my daddy is awesome" shirt yesterday.
sockies, made by great grandma
 hanging in my crib
 jenny is always looking for smoochies
 check out my baseball
 mmm fingers!
 wrestling the baseball

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A big picture update

I am usually much better about updating with pictures but I haven't been motivated this week. Tyler is trying our patience with the sleep thing and we're getting...well not much.  Stinks too b/c with Daddy home we MIGHT be able to get a little extra sleep but its not happening.  Oh well...they're only this little once.  After reading possibly the saddest story today about a little girl just 5 days younger than Tyler dying last week after she stopped breathing at the babysitter's, well it makes me want to snuggle him a little more no matter what the hour of the day or night.  Speaking of Daddy, if you're reading this, please keep praying that a job will come along for him.  It's been 2 weeks now so i'm hoping the interviews start coming soon.  I'm trying to be optimistic and all, but its hard not to worry about things when you have a baby and bills and stuff.

What have we been up to lately? Well not much. Of course I mentioned B is at home, so that is nice in a way.  He gets to see what my life is like all of the time. We have been trying to get the munchkin to at least nap in his crib which has been a fruitless effort thus far.  We bought a cool projection mobile which I thought he would love...turns out he just hates anything that involves laying alone in the crib. And I don't blame him, but son, you can't sleep in the baby bassinet until you're four.  So we'll keep working on it.  Oh and in big news we started food.  That has also been interesting, and very messy.  He could care less about rice, but seems to like oatmeal a little more. Tonight I made my own sweet potatoes which weren't bad, but he's definitely still figuring out this whole texture thing. It's cute, especially when he sprays Jenny with orange goo. Love it!

He did sit for 5 seconds unsupported, which you never realize what a good amt of time that is until you are counting it, waiting for your infant to topple over.  We had one incident this week when he went back and smacked his head on the floor...not so fun, but overall he's getting the hang of a lot of things at once.  It's hard being a baby!!

So now, for the fun stuff!

sleeping in the crib
 Hang on a sec, Grammy!
 The crib guard
 hanging with my mama
 spoons are so overrated
 these fingers are much tastier than cereal
 sweet potato face
 playing with my daddy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Can I just say BOO!!  Its 3 AM and i'm up b/c i had a screaming baby.  Not that it is terribly unusual, just that he is generally consolable at this hour, but not tonight.  Poor thing.  He just drifted back to sleep and its time for me to do so as well. But quickly (because i'm sure tomorrow will be fun) I'll throw out the stats.  He was 14lb 9oz and 25" long according to their measurements.  He is still very avg in weight and height (42% & 51%) and his head is still little at 15 3/4" (6%).  Dr said he looks awesome and is doing all of the right stuff.  So now we start solid foods...this should be fun.  My baby doesn't like "food" yet.  We've tried a little in the last week and so far bombed on everything...but we'll keep going. Yesterday he managed to throw a bowl of rice cereal all over me, which might normally entertain me but at the time it was NOT cool. We somehow both ended up in the tub.  Good times.  I will definitely be sure to share all of the fun baby food faces. YUM YUM!! Overall he's doing great though!

Here are a few (ok 13) more pics from the other day...



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 4 months baby!!

OMG Tyler is 4 months old already!! It is insane how fast time goes by.  We'll go to the Dr on Monday so i'll have exact measurements then, but he is over 14 lbs and last time i measured him he was 25.5" long.  He's in 3-6 month clothes and is just barely in size 1 diapers, and we'll be moving into the size 2s this week when the 1s run out.  He was doing an awesome job sleeping through the night until he got sick about 6 weeks ago and has sttn once since! No fun.  He eats all of the time and isn't the worlds greatest napper.  He also thinks 11pm is an appropriate bed matter how early we start him, he'll nap but he won't stay asleep until after 10:30 or 11.  He loves singing, the bumbo, swing & jumperoo and rolling around.  He has also recently discovered his feet and now tries sticking his hand in his diaper too.  What fun! His eyes are still 3/4 blue 1/4 brown (lol) and we're thinking they may stay this least the brown part. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the blue eventually turns green like mine, but then he'll have a camo eye, which is awesome!!  He's talking up a storm, smiling, laughing, rolling, scooting/spinning and standing with support. No real sitting yet but he has very good muscle control so it wouldn't surprise me if he's sitting by next month.  As fast as he's progressing, we're gonna be in trouble very soon with this one. He'll be climbing the walls and running before we know it!! Okay maybe not, but probably before we're ready.  Oh and I just keep waiting to spy his pearly whites busting through any day now....he's been teething for a while and the pain/discomfort comes and goes these days but he's constantly drooling and chewing on his hands and fingers.  He is the best little dude in the world and we love him SO much! :) Happy 4 months little guy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

4 month pics

Little monster will be 4 months old tomorrow...isn't that nuts!!  B & I took his 4 month pics least the start of some. He was really tired, it was hot and he just wasn't feeling it.  So he looks tired and mad in most of them, but some still turned out cute.  Today i'll give the pics, and tomorrow i'll post some fun facts. We go to the Dr monday for shots and well check and we'll see how big this little dude is getting!