Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been a bad blogger

We haven't been super busy but a lot has been going on. I thought of doing a few new entries but honestly I don't feel like figuring out what order my pics are in, so instead if you're reading, you just get one BIG entry!

Last weekend we took pictures in Downtown McKinney (which was great) and in Sherman with Aunt Maggie, we took more pics at the park n McKinney (which was awful lol), had a BBQ at our house (no pics sorry), and then spent Sunday recovering and Grammy and Aunt Madge came over. Monday wasn't very eventful either, but Tuesday and Wednesday we had dinner with B's family while Tina was in town.  Big Daddy's 77th birthday was Tuesday and we celebrated at Olive Garden and then last night we went to La Hacienda in Frisco...YUM!  So here are a few pics from this week in review:

Tell me that isn't the cutest bunny ever!

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