Monday, November 14, 2011

one year stats

As of your first birthday, Mr. Tyler, here are a few details about your life:

You love playing with your cousins. You give big smiles to hudson every morning, and when Delaney comes to get him at night, you run to her.

You weigh about 18.5 lbs, are 30.5" long and are a skinny, active boy.  You wear 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You also wear shoes now (even though you hate them)...and are somewhere between a 4 and a 5.

Your favorite foods are: sliced bananas, nutrigrain bars, grilled cheese,  juice and chocolate milk, fruit loops and cheetos.  LOL You like most foods but i know you'll almost always eat those without a fight.

You LOVE to climb on the furniture.  You are all over everything now and it is quite a workout for mommy to keep up with you. You also love anything that is a ball or a car...definitely all boy.

We love you so much little boy! Keep growing up and getting bigger and stronger everyday. You already make us so proud!

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