Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a little early...

Tyler won't be 8 months until Sunday which is also his daddy's first father's day. We have lots of plans for the weekend so i figured i'd do a couple of short updates while i'm thinking about.  Tyler has been a crab and a half lately, not sleeping well, not taking naps, major separation anxiety...he's like a pregnant woman...happy and smiling one second, screaming and crying the next.  Then it dawned on me, the kid has had a lot going on lately.  He's cut his two bottom teeth in the last week, and then out of nowhere he starts talking (mama is his first word!!)  and he let go of the activity table yesterday and stood on his own. Hard to believe he could be walking this time next month!  That's a lot for a little person, no wonder he's so crabby! Still, i'd like my nice calm baby back whenever he's ready to reappear.

Today we went swimming at Mimi's with Delaney and Hudson and he had lots of fun.  It's already insanely hot here and i can see this summer isn't gonna be much fun.  His new favorite snack is cheerios, which he had a lot of today!  I think only half of what i give him ends up in his mouth though...thats the only time i'm glad we have two dogs, they do love to clean up after him.

We have exciting plans for the weekend, including Daddy's father's day surprise! :)  We'll be celebrating Father's Day and Grampy's birthday with the Hills on Saturday and then going to mimi and mark's on Sunday!  We'll do Father's day with the Krenek's next weekend.

Oh and i totally forgot to post about florida but i'll do that in a separate post!  Will update later in the weekend on his stats!!

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  1. can't wait to see pictures of daddy's fathers day surprise!