Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 month stats

Tyler weighed 17.5 lbs and was 28.25" long on Sunday according to mommy's measurements! lol  He's getting so big and strong and wants to RUN so bad.  Now if he could just try sleeping once in a while. He sleeps okay with me, but i'm over getting kicked and hit all night and be is tired of getting booted out of bed.

That's about all of the excitement we have going on.  I have to take advantage of my down time now that he's into everything! LOL, this kid wears me out!

We took him to his first Rangers game on Monday night. He had a good time for the first half of the game but then he was ready to go home!  He looked so cute in his Rangers gear and wanted to sit in a seat like a big boy by himself.  He's so funny!!
See my teeth

Daddy's first Father's Day

Big Stuff on Daddy's Shoulder
Rangers Game

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