Tuesday, August 16, 2011

there are two of them...

teeth that is!!!  On August 2nd tyler got his first top tooth, then out of nowhere a week later his second one came through.   He's looking so cute (and weird) now.  He gives me that crazy gremlin smile...haha totally matches his wild man personality.

I've started the rather overwhelming task of planning his first birthday. I know its still 2 months away but i want to get invites out in a month or so...so i have to get the details started at least. I'm a busy mama after all.  Next week Tyler's cousin Hudson starts coming over everyday for Aunt Katie's daycare! LOL  Can't wait to see how much the boys love each other in a few more weeks.  And its back to school for Delaney. 

I had the pleasure of taking pics of my friend Holly's new baby boy yesterday. Made me miss sweet little newborn snuggles...not that tyler was ever a snuggler, but i guess i miss him sleeping more than anything. Have i mentioned i'm tired?! lol

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