Monday, August 1, 2011

We're expecting...

another tooth any day now!! Haha, did I fool you?! LOL

Tyler has his top right tooth about to break through. I've been watching it for a week or so now and its finally breaking through.  I'm hoping any day now it comes through. These have been easier than the bottom teeth so far, which kinda surprised me.  He's been not sleeping real well, but he hasn't been crabby really, just tired.  Except yesterday but we'll blame that on daddy...just because we can.

Tyler's becoming a fan of the grocery cart, but what choice does he have.  We go shopping a lot. :)

We had Delaney's 6th birthday party this weekend.  He enjoyed eating pizza and cake (hey he's skinny, he can afford to eat what he says his dr). haha  But ever the mama's boy, he didn't want to be too far from me. After the party we went to the mall and dinner with Grampy, Nana and Braydon.  Tyler got to eat peach cobbler for the first time and he loved it!! Hopefully it won't be long now before we start fattening this kid up.  He weighed in at just 17lb 6oz at the dr on Friday so he said he'd like to see him gain a bit more weight in the next few months and to just try and fit him a bit more since he's so active, so we'll be finding ways to sneak a few more calories in this crazy beast.  And speaking of crazy beast I'll finish up with this photo of the maniac himself.

Yes he is scaling the baby gate.  He was furious because we put him in there and didn't come with...oh boy he's fun sometimes.

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