Monday, September 19, 2011

11 months old!

One more month til we have a ONE year old!! This year has gone by so incredibly fast. I'm extremely blessed to have been able to stay home with Tyler every day and watch him grow up. I haven't had to miss a thing and i LOVE it.  It makes me both very happy and sad to see him getting big.  Whenever I say i'm sad B always says "better than the alternative" which is right.  He's just so crazy! He gets into everything, i can't keep him off of the couch now, he is walking and trying to run after just a week, he likes to do pull ups on everything.  What i've been most entertained with lately is how smart he is and how amazing it is when he figures out new things. He's been mocking our behaviors a lot lately.  He knows who we are.  When i say where's daddy, he looks at b. Then say where's mommy? And he turns back to me. We're still working on other people...not sure who else he has figured out.  He dances with just his arms, knows how to point, clap, wave, and has a new trick all of the time. I just love watching him try to figure things out.

So at 11 months he weighs 18.4 lbs. YES!!!  He's over 29" long...but i can't get him to hold still long enough to get a good measurment. He has REALLY long legs. He's got 6 teeth, four on top and two on bottom.  Pretty sure those 1 year molars are starting to bother him a little.  He is now drinking big boy milk, but unfortunately we discovered he's lactose intolerant. So we made the switch to coconut milk and may add in some soy.  He loves juice, pizza, pear cups, bean burritos, french fries, all veggies, cheese, hamburger...almost everything! He isn't a fan of hot dogs, or anything he has to be fed, except yogurt and cheese. He still wears size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes, some 12 month.

The plans for his party are underway and in 33 days we'll be celebrating his birthday!! I'm really excited...we have so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate!

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