Thursday, September 15, 2011

We have a walker!

I said I was going to wait until his next monthly update to do a big update but this Sunday something exciting happend:  he started WALKING!!  Friday and Saturday I noticed he was standing up without assistance. He's come close to this a million times and really didn't need help, just didn't quite have the confidence.  I guess that was all it took because on Sunday he took off and he hasn't stopped since. He's a walking fool!  It's so cute to see him toddling around the house now like a little monster screaming and acting crazy.  He loves to run around with his bat or sword in his hand, he's quite a terror.  Hahaha, I'm not sure he could be more "boy". haha

I go back to the dr in 11 days and hopefully we'll figure out when we'll find out the new baby's sex.  I've done nothing but obsess about this since i found out i was pregnant. I would absolutely love another boy...but i have a daily convo with myself about how great it would be to have a little girl too. I honestly have no clue...and even B won't commit one way or another.  We do have a boy name picked but no girl name even close. He hates everything i like and vice versa. So's probably a girl!   I'm 17 weeks now and I can definitely tell i'm pregnant.  I've been able to "for sure" feel the baby for about 10 days now, even on the outside. I'm gaining weight now so i'm sure my dr will be happy about that.  B keeps joking that this will be our 9 lb baby since tyler was so tiny!  I really hope he's wrong.

Well that's about it for a few more days, will do the big update on Monday when the big boy turns 11 months old!

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