Thursday, October 27, 2011

THe big O-N-E!

Tyler's first birthday was Wednesday October 19th. I could tell he wasn't feeling well that day and he'd been kinda sick the previous 2 days but was acting fine.  So the day went on as normal. We didn't have anythign big planned, since his party was going to be Saturday.  So i picked up some cupcakes at walmart the night before and we just hung around the house.  B had softball that night and the rangers were on, so he and I stayed home and waited for B.  He was super tired and kinda fussy so he was practically asleep when B came in.  we put him in the high chair and sang happy birthday to him and gave him his cupcake. He didn't really eat it since he was pretty tired so we gave him his milk and sat down on the couch to put him to sleep.  Not 5 minutes later he kinda coughed and gagged and i immediately put my hand to his mouth. Then he seemed fine and I said to B, I really thought he was gonna puke. He agreed.  And we kinda relaxed...but not for 15 seconds, because then he hurled all over me and himself. He was so upset and rubbing it all in his face.  UGH no bueno. I can deal with sick kids but it was just pathetic.  So we got him cleaned up and to sleep so i could get in the shower. YUCK YUCK.  He slept all night and was sick and sleeping the next 2 days. Poor baby...what a birthday!

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