Wednesday, October 5, 2011

birthday party

Tyler's birthday is in 2 weeks!! This means his part is in 17 days. I'm not all that stressed about him being 1, and I'm not all that stressed about having his party, but i do have a LOT to for it. This weekend i need to go buy card stock for my mom to cut out all of the things for the decorations. I've put Maggie on cupcakes. I was originally going to order them but have decided we can make them just the long as i don't have to do it.  I need to order balloons next week, get the pictures for his birthday banner, and get all of the food purchased!! I've been planning this party for at least 6 weeks now so i'm ready for it to be here! :)  I'm so excited my baby will be one.  Here's a few pics of inspiration from pinterest:

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