Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy bees!!

Well I guess having 2 kids has me busier than i thought.  I am a horrible mother and i haven't updated on EITHER of my babies in almost 2 months!

Emily is now almost 7 weeks old! she weighed 11lb even at 6 weeks and is quite the little chunkster.  She LOVES to eat but manages to be much quicker and more efficient than Tyler, which is quite nice. She still sleeps a lot but at night she likes to wake up and look around with her big, still blue, eyes. She's just so great and every night when we go to bed i think about what a gorgeous baby we have!  Its okay to think your baby is beautiful, right?!  Well, beautiful, smart and perfect...naturally.  She is the apple of her brother's eye for sure. He is now telling her "lub-ou" and likes to try to hold her and is constantly kissing her.  We won't talk about how he hit her in the head with the elmo phone today though.  She's in size 1 diapers now and 3m clothes and has the most petite little feet.  We bought their matching Easter outfits last weekend and will be taking pictures tomorrow so i'm looking forward to showing them off.

Tyler, beast that he is, is 17.5 months old.  The fact that he's nearly a year and a half kinda blows my mind, but time flies when you're having fun...or something like that.  He is in EVERYTHING now. He is so lucky he's cute, it saves his butt a lot of the time. He keeps me on my toes, and always on my feet.  He's a true destructo.  Its so fun to watch him as he starts to understand and communicate more.  His non-verbal communication is hilarious.  He loves making truck sounds and animal noises. The duck, elephant, dog, snake and turkey seem to be his favorites.  Last week he got his first stitches after falling into a pair of metal tongs and putting a nice 1.5" gash in between his eyes. That was a little scary but he's fine, and that's what matters. He is about 21 lbs now, wears size 3 diapers still and 12-18 month clothes, though he can still wear his 6-9 month shorts from last year.  He loves fruit pouches, chocolate, and apparently pulled pork! He is adding to his word count and can now say juice, shoe, sissy, go, look, this, love you and cheese (anytime he spots my camera or we open the fridge.) He can follow simple commands like when we ask him to get in his high chair, get a diaper and lay down, and go night night.  The biggest change for him is that he's now sleeping in his room in a toddler bed every night!! It has been great for everyone.  He usually gets in bed with me once b wakes up for work and we sleep til 8 or so! That part is great!!  As much "fun" as he can be, every night when he is sleeping i look at that sweet face and think i couldn't possibly love him more...but i do, every single day!

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