Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dr. Visit

We saw Dr. K today for Tyler's 18 month and Emily's 2 month check ups.  Let's just say we have 2 very different kids!

Tyler weighed in at 20lb 1.5oz, 32.25" and 18.75" head.  He's not even on the charts for weight, but Dr.K isn't worried. I'm so glad he just takes it all in stride.  Emily is 12lb 5.5oz, 23" long and 16" head. She's a healthy little chunk. He still wants us to get her ears looked at, so once B finds a new job and gets insurance again we can look into fixing them. I still think they're cute, but i'm sure at 17 she may not feel that way.

What's new with them?!

Tyler's vocabulary is growing everyday. His newest words are cookie, baseball, grampa, and yummy.He's so funny! He's starting to enjoy things like playdough, coloring and of course is still obsessed with elmo.

Emily is getting more alert. She is smiling and cooing at us. She loves for us to talk to her.  She is doing a good job holding her big melon up (did i mention its 90th%??) and she enjoys both her swing and bouncy chair. She's still a pretty good sleeper during the day and night is hit or miss.

They both got shots. One for him and 3 for her. He's done now until 4 and she gets to go back in two months for her next appt.

Nothing new other than that...but here are our precious little peanuts:

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