Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long, hot summer!

Its already august which is crazy! B started his new job a month ago and its great! I have hard days, like today, but for the most part i keep our heads above water which is what matters.  Emily is more awake and alert, its funny how quickly time is going by with her. I hate it and love it. I hate to see my tiny baby getting bigger and bigger so quickly. With tyler I only had him to worry about, with her I have her, Tyler & usually Hudson to worry about. I stay REALLY busy. I think first children are lucky to get that alone time...however long or short it may be.  We stay busy busy even when we do nothing at all. Most of the time it is fun.

Tyler is almost 22 months old. About the time he his 20 months i started thinking that sounded crazy, so instead i find myself saying he's almost 2. HOW did that happen?!?!! He's a toddler to a T, into everything, doesn't listen, totally adventurous (at his own pace of course). He's stubborn, ornery, busy, crazy, happy, heal thy and all boy. As much as he drives me insane i love him to pieces.  I was reading a post about him from last summer which referred to his demeanor as similar to a pregnant womans. Now i think that's how i feel about him. I can be soooo frustrated with him one second and absolutely enamored with him 5 seconds later.  He is my sweet boy, and i love him no matter what.  Its truly amazing.  He is growing like crazy, more so vertically than anything but what else is new.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers, though maybe one day when he tells me he needs to go to the bapoo he'll actually go! He's still wearing 12m shorts and 18m shirts. I"m interested to see what we're going to do in a couple of months when he has to start wearing pants.  He's talking a LOT. He has started saying several 2-3 word phrases and he loves to copy what we say, so far nothing bad, thankfully. He has really enjoyed swimming and "splash splash"ing this summer. He's really taken to the shower instead of baths too. He loves books, sesame street, eating, flip flops, and being crazy.  He's eating really well these days, and is up around 23lb. He's wearing size 6-7 shoes and i feel like his feet are so long and narrow. His hair is finally filling in on top which is nice...really takes after his mama. He is a total computer geek like daddy and enjoys video chats with B and Maggie during the week and talking to "mammy" on my phone. And of course, most importantly, he has to know where hudson and sissy are at all times. I think they might be his favorite people! ;)

Sissy is almost 6 months old!! I'm just in awe of how fast she's growing. She's a real chunky butt, weighing in around 17-18lb and has a big ol' melon. She's easily wearing 6-9m clothes, she's now sharing size 3 diapers with her brother, and her feet seem to be growing too!haha  Her hair is growing fast and seems to be staying brown like B's...i loooove her hair and her eyes. She's just so freaking cute! I'd love it if she could figure out how to sleep a little better at night, but she is a good napper usually. She laughs, smiles, loves to talk, prefers sitting or standing to laying. She can roll over but chooses not to usually, and as of last week she can now sit up on her own! Such a big girl. She likes to have people around and will cry if we walk away.  She seems to be a mama's girl, too. Lucky me!  We've let her try avocado and peaches so far, and will introduce more as this month goes on.  I have bananas and peaches ready to prep for her this week. I'm doing my best to actually make her baby food. I'm sad i've been so busy' that i've missed blogging a big part of her first few months. A year from now i'm sure i'll wonder when she did something...such is life with 2 babies.

I'm usually sleep deprived. There are not enough hours in the day. Its both bad and good having b gone during the week but we're making it work for us. I'm looking forward to the months ahead!! I know the rest of this year is going to fly by!

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