Monday, July 2, 2012

New job!!

I recently posted on Facebook about a big change coming to our family.  So while its still fresh on my brain i guess i should explain it a little more here.  To start, b got laid off at the end of April. This wasn't a shock. We were told not long before Christmas that this was coming.  Being told you're losing your job sucks...but it sucks a lot more when you've been told that 3 times in less than 2 years.  We have had BAD LUCK!!  They outsourced their department to Wisconsin and everyone in finance and accounting in Plano was laid off.  I always try to look at the bright side. He was hired permanently when i got pregnant with Emily so he got a severance package, which included pay through the end of june...but its still stressful since it had taken him 3 months of unemployment when Tyler was a little baby before he had found this job. Of course he didn't want to make too many major strides while i was pregnant with Emily for insurance reasons, so when April rolled around, he had no job. He had a couple of interviews relatively quickly but nothing that panned out.  About a month ago he told me he had heard about a job from a guy he used to work with and was going to talk to him that night.  He came out and had this look on his face.  I knew something was up.  He asked "would you kill me if i have to travel??"  How much travel??  So he explains its in new mexico and he'd be traveling during the week and home at the end of the week.  Meaning I am playing single mom all week long with a very trying toddler and an infant.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkay.  But i believe that the right opportunities are brought to us at the right time and this felt like the right opportunity. So i told him to go for it and see what happens.  Well, he had an interview and felt very positive about it.  It's not your run of the mill, cubicle position. He NEEDS to not be stuck at a desk twiddling his thumbs all day.  So last week he got the call that the position had been approved and he would start July 9th.  As the day approaches I am scared of how i'm going to make it, but i strongly believe this is going to be good.  Its going to be good for our family because of course the stress of unemployment is gone, but i also think its going to be good for our marriage.  We spent the first 5 years of our relationship in different places, and there haven't been too many days in the five years since that we've been apart.  Hopefully this will bring a new appreciation of our relationship to us both.  I know i will certainly appreciate him being here on the weekends, and maybe i can sleep in a little or catch a nap! While we don't see eye to eye everyday he has spoiled me with extra sleep the last couple of months.  Any mom of a newborn/infant that gets up 3-4 times a night, knows that any extra sleep is as good as gold!  :)

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