Sunday, February 19, 2012

she's heeeeeeeeeere!

Emily's Birth Story

We went to the dr on thursday 2/16 for my 39 week check (i was 39w3d) and i was still 2cm and about 60% effaced.  My dr stretched me a little and said i was now about 3cm. Then he asked what i wanted to do.  Up until this point i really didn't want to be induced but after thinking all week about how much easier it would be on everyone if we planned it, i decided to tell him we wanted to be induced if we could do it Friday.  He said we could do it the next day, be at the hospital at 5am. So i called my mom and asked her if she wanted to come spend the night so she wouldn't have to get up early b/c she was coming to watch tyler.  I got home around noon and started contracting. I kind of ignored it, but i never contracted during the day, so i thought it was kind of weird. This went on all day but there was no pattern or regularity. We went to dinner that night with b's aunt who was in town from colorado before we knew we'd be out of commission the rest of the weekend.  I was still contracting at that point about ever 5-7 minutes, but not terribly painful and about midnight they died out.  I woke up at 4 and took a shower and finished packing my stuff. We kissed tyler goodbye and left for the hospital. It was so early we had to check in with the ER before going upstairs.  I got to my room about 5:30ish and they were pretty bored so i had 3 nurses hooking me up and getting my info/blood/pee etc.  My nurse checked me about 6:45 before she left and i was still a 3 even after contracting all night.  Then i started contracting again but nothing too crazy...i enjoyed watching my contractions on the monitor.  they weren't terribly frequent but they were regular.  Once They hooked up my pitocin and things started moving fast. My contractions quickly got very strong and more frequent.  My new nurse checked me shortly after she got there around 7:30 and i was already 4cm and then she said, oops, I think i just broke your water, and sure enough i felt a gush. So that meant my dr didn't need to come by that morning. My nurse told me she didn't think i'd be there long. Over the next couple of hours she checked me as my contractions got harder and faster. She turned down the pit and eventually turned it off after about an hour.  I was at a 5 when she asked if i wanted to go ahead and get my epi.  I said YES!! and she said he'd be there in about 20 min.  About 25 min later she offered me some nubain to help until the anesthesiologist got there. I was feeling some relief and then in he walked. So we got the epi ready and instantly i felt better.  It took probably 15 minutes and she checked me again after it was in and i was at a 6. So i just laid in bed and was in lala land for an hour or so while watching The Help. I was still in pain on my right side so she told me to turn on that side some and eventually i stopped hurting. I think i passed out for a little bit because at about 10 i woke up and thought, i have to push.  I hit my nurse button so she could come check me, she put two fingers in two inches and said, um yep, baby's head is right there.  So they called my dr who works right across the street.  She said i can deliver the baby but let's try to wait for him, he'll be here in about 15 minutes. So i said, how do i not push...she said, just don't! lol  So i laid there talking to be as the nurse prepped the bed, got the tools, the nursery nurses came and got her bed set up, etc. After about 25 minutes my dr got there.  HE got ready and said he should sit down in case i had to push for four hours...he's so funny.   Then it was time to start pushing.  I coudln't feel any of my contractions but i could feel everythign else, just without the pain. It was amazing.  I sat up to curl my body around here to push her out. I pushed twice and her head was out. I saw her dark little head and she started crying. He said one more tiny half push, and then she was out. It was the weirdest feeling in the world.  I don't remember any of this from having tyler because i was so doped up.  This was the coolest thing and i instantly wanted to do it again.  They laid her own me and i put my hand on her tiny little butt and looked at how sweet she was. Then they took her to clean her up. It was at this point that i realized she had hair! I was fully expecting her to be bald.  I watched my dr pull out the placenta and listened to emily cry while they got her measurements.  She was 7lb 1.8oz, smaller than we had been predicted, but not that surprising. She was 19.5' long and her head was 13".  When he pulled her out i said to my dr, her heads not that big! He said, well its not small either. :lol:  Perfectly avg i guess.  So then everyone left and we got to enjoy our baby girl for about an hour before moving to post partum.  She screamed for a little bit while i tried to get her to latch and eventually she did.  Then my nurse took me to the bathroom, we got my mesh panties and diaper on ( ) and then we moved to our room.  AND they had my lunch ready when i got there.  I was freaking starving. But before we left the room i had thrown up, so i was cautious with my food. The nurse brought me pain meds and zofran and i kinda chilled while they took emily to give her a bath.  Not long after that my mom and tyler came and then b's mom and his dad and step mom all came around the same time. Tyler wasn't happy to see me or Emily!!  But he got over it eventually.  We know now there is no waiting if i ever do go into labor on my own, because apparently it goes fast.  We are greatly enjoying our little princess and tyler is a great big brother!

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