Monday, February 6, 2012

38 weeks

I'm 38 weeks today. AMAZING!! She'll be here any time now.  My mom is in Austin this week, so maybe?? Not feeling it though. Maggie is really hoping she'll come on her birthday, which is wednesday.

So we had an ultrasound friday afternoon to check her growth.  I'm thrilled to say she's doing great!  She weighed ~6#15oz, give or take a half  lb roughly.  Her head is low...and HUGE!! When i asked the dr again how big her head was,he said, pretty big...and then he started laughing!  Suffice it to say, this will probably hurt a lot more than tyler did. I'm excited to see how big she'll be. I'm just so tired and ready to meet come on out Emily! 

Tyler and I went to Target today and then went to the park where he got to swing and then we walked half a mile before i convinced myself i was going to pee my pants.  So didn't do much good, but at least i didn't pee myself in public.  We may even go back tomorrow.

So for now i wait...rather impatiently.  I still have plenty to do though.

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