Wednesday, March 2, 2011

green bean machine!

Tyler is a green bean eatin' fool! I had no clue he would love them so miuch.  He has accepted everything we've fed him so far (besides cereal) but nothing with as much excitement as he did last night. He literally gobbled them up. I'll post the video here as well. He was a nasty, green, gooey mess! Today he plowed through what he left over last night and half of another container.  I'd say we have a winner.

Today we discovered he doesn't like the sound of the shop vac anymore. He screams and cries while I vacuum up the dog hair. And after calming him down he is now blowing raspberries to me on the floor!  He's very into sucking on his bottom lip these days too and can't get enough of his feet. He's so pleasant! He has slept through the night again twice this week...thanks to the swing. He may sleep in there forever but at least he's sleeping! I hope he gets over it and used to his bed soon, but until then we all need sleep. He's much happier and easier to deal with when he's not tired.

That's about all of the excitement we have going on here.  This weekend is B's birthday party and it's grocery shopping week. We really need to get out more!

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