Monday, February 28, 2011


Food. That's what's happening at our house!! Since B became unemployed we're watching our money a little closer, naturally, and the first place we decided we could tighten up is in the grocery dept. We are famous for shopping once every 6 weeks and eating out for 4 of the weeks in between. It's not very budget savvy, nor is it healthy for us.  So now, I'm cooking again. I have meant to take pictures of our declious dinners, but it hasn't been happening, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  Tonight I made spinach, garlic and red pepper quesadillas with pepper jack cheese. YUM! Ashley and I made cake balls for the first time since I promised Mike I would eventually teach her how.  It was very fun and of course I love having company! I have decided B and I are like retired people. We stay home, watch TV shows, and the highlight of our day is what I'm making for dinner.  And it's not even usually that exciting!  Oh well, having fun costs money!  I long for the day I'm rich...

Tyler has done AWESOME with solids so far! He just really does not like cereal. He will tolerate oatmeal if I mix it in his food but he has no real interest in it.  I've been kinda doing whatever with food and hopefully it won't bite me in the ass later, but honestly people have been feeding their kids for a long time and I dont' think there was ever a certain schedule for feeding them. I'm just keeping an eye out for anything suspicious but so far he seems to like everything he's had.  He has now tried sweet potatoes, squash, pears and peaches.  Gosh, he's getting so big so fast!
This is how he wakes up! So happy!
 Attempting a nap
 Dancing with Dadd
 Just like his mama!
 practicing sitting up

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