Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January?!

Where has this month gone??!  Tomorrow is FEBRUARY, which means i can now start saying Emily will be here THIS MONTH!!  I'm in a mad frenzy to get stuff done because I'm nervous she's going to surprise us.  The game plan is for my mom to come and watch Tyler since she can pretty easily get off of work and be here quickly, plus he's very comfy with Grammy and i know he'd be 100% fine if we leave him over night with her.  I'm sure he'd love it if his substitute mommy (aunt maggie) was here too...but we'll have to wait and see about that. The one problem we have is that my mom is going to her annual conference in Austin next week,so if she decides to come between the 6-10th, Grammy will be out of town. BUT i've been informed my DAD will be happy to drop everything and come down.  I'd pay good money to watch that go down.  When i was a kid i used to worry that if my mom ever died we'd only ever eat peanut butter and jelly and pancakes because those were the only things my dad ever made...but lucky for tyler he likes those things! LOL Still we'll hope we don't have to leave him alone with Grandpa!! haha

As promised here is my 37 week belly shot:

But for now, no signs she's on her way.  I'm 37w1d today and other than being totally tired, nothing else is happening!! I wish i could get a great spurt of energy to clean, but that will likely never happen with a wild toddler to keep an eye on.  And i do mean wild. You seriously can't turn your back on him for a split second!  See:

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