Monday, January 2, 2012


We had such a fabulous christmas.  All 5 of them! 

On December 17th we had our Christmas at Mimi & Mark's with everyone before they left for England. We gave mimi her presents and b made a ham and we all had dinner. It was nice and low key. 

On December 18th we had the Mahon Christmas with Nana's family at Grampy and Nana's house.  It was so nice to see everyone, since we dont' get a chance to get together throughout the year.  It was a hard year after the passing of Grant and Angela's son Gavin in May, but there have been many blessings this year as well, including the addition of baby Liv (jason and amber's new baby girl) and the surprise of Emily as well.  I enjoy getting together with them all and the kids are always so spoiled.  We won (be default, lol) Barbara's quilt this year and it is really beautiful and looks great in our house.

We went up to my parents on Thursday of the week before Christmas so B and Dad could go hunting.  B has been dying to go, so we planned to just stay at their house for most of Christmas.  On Friday mom and I went shopping and left Tyler with maggie for most of the day.  The boys all went hunting and  Maggie, Meagan and I hung out that night and then we all watched home alone.  On Saturday we did a little grocery shopping and then got ready for church.  I have missed christmas eve service with my family for the last several years because we have christmas with Brian's family that night but the service was moved to 3 pm so we were able to go.  After church we got ready to go to Tammy and Eric's for Christmas Even with the Lovelace's  It was nice to see everyone.  Tyler and Hudson had fun going crazy and running around, and they finally decided they like opening presents. Hudson had the most fun picking up all of the trash.  We hung out there until around midnight and then spent the night at our own house so we could do Christmas with tyler the next monrning.

On Christmas day we woke up a little after 8 and I guess Tyler was still a little sleepy.  I had to pee (what else is new??) so i got him up and took him to b and went to pee. I tried to get him to go look at his presents from santa, so i went to get in position to take his picture and he started crying!!  Once he saw his 4 wheeler from Santa he got over it and he was so cute with all of his presents.  He got SO MUCH STUFF!!  We opened presents and then got changed and ready to go back to my parents for christmas with them.  We got to sherman a little before noon and brunch was almost ready. They got home from Church and we all opened presents.  Again, Tyler got spoiled!! Santa left him a tent and a tunnel to play with at Grammy's house as well as a ton of other stuff.  The boys decided to go check their hog traps and we just rested and relaxed.  I ate more cookies over those few days than i care to admit!That night Meagan came over so we exchanged gifts with her and introduced her to Krenek family Christmas 1992. We were all crying from laughing so hard.

Monday we had made plans to go eat at La Mesa with the Hill family and then go out to grampy and nana's for presents. We were late...of course. Tyler decided to take his first good nap in days. We had a good lunch and then opened presents and hung out all day. We always have a good time together.  Everyone had to go home somewhat early because almost everyone had to work the next day. 

Overall it was a great, very nice Christmas with everyone. It went by so fast but we love seeing and spending time with our families and Christmas was so much fun with Tyler this year.  It will be even more fun to have tyler and emily next year. They'll both be into everything!!

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