Monday, January 9, 2012

34 weeks

i really suck at updating these days. You would think i might be caught up on things and have more time to waste...but my energy is just gone most of the time, and what i do have usually gets zapped by tyler.

So i'm 34 weeks pregnant today!! Just 6 weeks left :)  We had an ultrasound last week to check on Emily and she weighed 4lb 12oz and her head is GIANT!!  My dr is being cautious because of the issues we had with tyler so i start weekly appointments now and will do non-stress tests at each appt.  This is great, but hard to figure out what to do when i have a 14 month old at home that i can't bring with me.  Maggie will be watching him this week but after that i have to find babysitters.  Volunteers?? LOL  Hopefully i can swing afternoon appointments and my mom or brian can come to watch the boys. 

I'm still hanging right around 25-26 lbs and for the most part i feel good. I'd LOVE it if i could get tyler to sleep all night again, i don't know what has gotten into him but its been a very uncomfortable situation in our bed since before christmas.  He decided to start cutting all of his molars at once, 2 have broken through and 2 are very close so that's fun, and then he got hand foot mouth disease last week and had a sore throat from that and a 102 fever so he has required lots of pain meds here lately. Its pretty taxing on me, being 8 months pregnant EVERYTHING makes me tired.

It is impossible to believe Emily will be here so soon. I'm in no way "ready" for her, but we have everything we need and soon i will have 2 of my own children full time!! It's just hard to comprehend since i'm still getting used to being the mommy to ONE monster.  It's the best job though!

Here's Miss Big Head at 33 weeks: 

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