Friday, January 27, 2012

woah woah woah

First off, we'll start with our dr appt updates from yesterday. Tyler had his 15 month well visit yesterday and B had to take him because i had my 36 week appt for Emily and thats the only way we could work it all out.  He weighed 19lb14oz, which was really a great surprise to me!! I had NO IDEA he gained that much. He was 18lb 3oz at his 12 month check, so that was a good improvement.  She measured him at 30", and i'm sure he's somewhere around there, though he never ever lays still so i feel like we never get a good height measurement. His head was in the 25% which is great considering he started so tiny! Overall his dr was very pleased.  He is 'talking', climbing, and hitting all of his milestones like a champ!  I'm a proud mama. 

Emily did well too. Another short NST because she is much more cooperative than her brother. He said her measurements look good, movement and response is great, so we'll see her in one last ultrasound next friday and then we'll go from there. As long as she's measuring okay and everything else checks out she'll be allowed to come when she wants!  I feel like she'll be here around the 12th, but whenever she comes is fine as long as she doesn't hold out too long! haha  I'll have to work on getting a new belly pic taken for this week (or next). lol   I didn't gain any weight this week and my bp was good!

I have a list a mile long of what i need to do before she gets here still.  I should probably start checking things off this weekend.  Queen of procrastination right here!!

And at the suggestion of a friend here are two lovely photos of my beast at his finest today. Did i mention he likes to climb?!

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