Thursday, February 3, 2011

Third Day, Thursday

Today is the THIRD day we've been locked in! I personally am not so bummed by this but reading other people's bitching on FB is getting kinda old.  LOL...actually I find it almost amusing.  Sometimes we don't leave the house for 3 days on a good week.  That being said, if the ice doesn't melt, my niece may not live to see the Superbowl! AND it's looking like it could snow tonight. I love snow!  No complaints from me, NOPE!

Tyler chose to sleep all day. He went to bed around 11, slept til 3:30, again until 6:30 and then 7somethign to 11:30.  around 1 he went BACK to sleep until 2:30...idk what i did but I hope it means maybe he's growing and this time he's sleeping instead of taking it out on me (as his food source).  He's happily laying on the floor playing with his floor gym. Today's method of attack - kicking the animals in the face. I love this kid. 

I've paid a few bills, hung up some laundry and cleaned a little.  Trash goes out tomorrow so I should probably clean some more. I can't leave even if I wanted to b/c my side of the drive way looks like a penguin slide.  On the whole the rest of the neighborhood looks pretty good but I doubt my little Jetta will be going out until at least Saturday.

So that's it for today.  I've also spent a fair amount of time looking at photography blogs. Another one of my loves in life.  Is it just me or does everyone think they're a photographer these days?!  Me...I do it for myself and if anyone else wants me to try my hand at something, I'm willing, but I highly doubt it would ever pay any of my bills.  Still I love pictures and I love seeing what other people like in their photographs. I think that everyone has a distinct style and I have recently seen some really cool stuff. But for now I will keep practicing my skills on my kid.  He is the most adorable model!
 Such a handsome boy!
 Rockin mama's pink hat

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