Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone slept like a big boy last night!!

No he didn't sleep in the crib but we were able to get the bassinet out of the pack n play and he slept on the normal part all by himself!! Here's how that happened.  We had been talking to Jenna and Chris about how Hudson is now sleeping by himself at the babysitters and so we brainstormed a little and decided to try putting him in the pack n play again. So he fell asleep last night and I knew it was after his bed time so I went and laid him down in there...of course immediately his eyes popped open. We're like great...we mess around with a few things in his bed and he fusses some when we realize one of the dogs has peed on the bed. Immediately Jenny runs into her crate. We get onto her, get new sheets, I go to clean the mattress and realize its not pee, but puke. Lovely.  About the time we're wrapping things up, we realize Tyler has calmed himself down and is almost asleep!  I guess it doesn't have to be pitch black or silent for him to get sleepy.  He went to sleep all by himself and woke up at his normal times.  I wish he'd get over the middle of the night thing, but all in good time I suppose. YAY to my big boy!! :)

Oh and Happy 29th Birthday to Daddy! In honor of B's birthday, Tyler wore his "my daddy is awesome" shirt yesterday.
sockies, made by great grandma
 hanging in my crib
 jenny is always looking for smoochies
 check out my baseball
 mmm fingers!
 wrestling the baseball

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