Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wintery wednesday

Well good ol' Phil didn't see his shadow we'll see if we have 6" of snow on March 21st this year.  My guess is probably not.  High of 19*F today...that's definitely a point of interest here in north Texas.  Those of you getting hit by blizzards and having temps in the NEGATIVE may not be as appalled by that, but here, that's pretty stinkin' cold.  B was just telling me he and one other person were the only ones who didn't go to work yesterday but that's insane. He has an hour commute normally (so double or triple) ...why risk your life on ICE to go to work. That's just stupid. Unless you are a Dr or a police officer/firefighter/ambulance driver or nurse you should just stay home.  The less people on the roads, the less people creating problems.  This isn't snow guys, its ICE. STAY HOME!

So topping the news today were the rolling blackouts (we experienced one at 7am) and Jerry World getting to KEEP their power, using as much as 11 super walmarts combined, while families with sick children went without power all day.  Apparently it's a matter of national security...hmmm.  Oh and on that note, my daddy will be working at the superbowl this weekend. It might be one of the few things he's been really excited about with his job for quite sometime and I hope for him that it plays out better then the NBA All Star game he spent in a closet last year or whenever that was.

Schools are all closed again tomorrow; all of these people are griping about being bored. I say throw in an infant and this is my everyday.  Get over it people...enjoy your free time. I would absolutely move somewhere cold if I could.  And no I am not one of those looking forward to spring either because it only leads to summer which is just too damn hot for me.  The end.

What else?! Not much I guess...I hope to get caught up with my laundry tomorrow and I'm still trying to convince B to work from home again.  Wish me luck on both accounts!

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