Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice, ice, baby

So that winter weather they predicted came in the form of solid ice.  It sleeted here for several hours and we just got a powdering of snow on top.  Its not very pretty or nice.  No getting out in this so I'm glad we ran to the store yesterday.  We're having a crockpot dinner my friend Megan suggested to me this weekend.  Super easy and took like 3 minutes. That's my kinda cooking!

B had to stay home today so we enjoyed some fun family time! haha I packed up Tyler's newborn and some 0-3 month clothes.  So sad that they wear these things for such a short time. Somewhere in there he ate and promptly projectile vomited all over B...that led to another bath.  Poor kid.  He just tries to eat like a fat man!  So now he's wearing his weenie dog jammies with little puppy feet. Quite possibly the cutest thing ever!! We sure love dachshunds in my family.  The weather isn't expected to get any better over the next few days so I'm sure we won't have much to talk about but there will be pictures, so get excited! I'll report tomorrow on how my delicious dinner turned out!

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