Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Can I just say BOO!!  Its 3 AM and i'm up b/c i had a screaming baby.  Not that it is terribly unusual, just that he is generally consolable at this hour, but not tonight.  Poor thing.  He just drifted back to sleep and its time for me to do so as well. But quickly (because i'm sure tomorrow will be fun) I'll throw out the stats.  He was 14lb 9oz and 25" long according to their measurements.  He is still very avg in weight and height (42% & 51%) and his head is still little at 15 3/4" (6%).  Dr said he looks awesome and is doing all of the right stuff.  So now we start solid foods...this should be fun.  My baby doesn't like "food" yet.  We've tried a little in the last week and so far bombed on everything...but we'll keep going. Yesterday he managed to throw a bowl of rice cereal all over me, which might normally entertain me but at the time it was NOT cool. We somehow both ended up in the tub.  Good times.  I will definitely be sure to share all of the fun baby food faces. YUM YUM!! Overall he's doing great though!

Here are a few (ok 13) more pics from the other day...




  1. Tyler left his sunglasses at Grammy's house.

  2. lol!! Awesome. Tyler was missing those when we went to the dr yesterday. :)