Thursday, February 24, 2011

A big picture update

I am usually much better about updating with pictures but I haven't been motivated this week. Tyler is trying our patience with the sleep thing and we're getting...well not much.  Stinks too b/c with Daddy home we MIGHT be able to get a little extra sleep but its not happening.  Oh well...they're only this little once.  After reading possibly the saddest story today about a little girl just 5 days younger than Tyler dying last week after she stopped breathing at the babysitter's, well it makes me want to snuggle him a little more no matter what the hour of the day or night.  Speaking of Daddy, if you're reading this, please keep praying that a job will come along for him.  It's been 2 weeks now so i'm hoping the interviews start coming soon.  I'm trying to be optimistic and all, but its hard not to worry about things when you have a baby and bills and stuff.

What have we been up to lately? Well not much. Of course I mentioned B is at home, so that is nice in a way.  He gets to see what my life is like all of the time. We have been trying to get the munchkin to at least nap in his crib which has been a fruitless effort thus far.  We bought a cool projection mobile which I thought he would love...turns out he just hates anything that involves laying alone in the crib. And I don't blame him, but son, you can't sleep in the baby bassinet until you're four.  So we'll keep working on it.  Oh and in big news we started food.  That has also been interesting, and very messy.  He could care less about rice, but seems to like oatmeal a little more. Tonight I made my own sweet potatoes which weren't bad, but he's definitely still figuring out this whole texture thing. It's cute, especially when he sprays Jenny with orange goo. Love it!

He did sit for 5 seconds unsupported, which you never realize what a good amt of time that is until you are counting it, waiting for your infant to topple over.  We had one incident this week when he went back and smacked his head on the floor...not so fun, but overall he's getting the hang of a lot of things at once.  It's hard being a baby!!

So now, for the fun stuff!

sleeping in the crib
 Hang on a sec, Grammy!
 The crib guard
 hanging with my mama
 spoons are so overrated
 these fingers are much tastier than cereal
 sweet potato face
 playing with my daddy

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  1. ohhhh i can't wait to get to come home and feed that little baby! he's getting so fun these days! and i just learned that tyler is the only thing that can possibly tap into my emotions...i looked at your first post with the newborn pictures and he's gotten so big it made me sad! i need to hang out with him EVERYDAY...aunt marge "live in nanny?" sounds nice dont you think?