Sunday, February 13, 2011


It is BEAUTIFUL here today, 68 and sunny!  I am a huge fan of cold weather and snow and snuggling and whatever but this is nice too.  Yesterday we went to lunch with Megan, Addi and Grace and then did a little shopping. After a few hours Megan and I were wondering what we were thinking...but it was super fun. So glad I got to have some fun girl time (with Tyler).  Last night Grammy, John and Maggie came down to celebrate Maggie's birthday.  Poor Grampa Mikey was sick! :(  We had homemade pizza and strawberry cake, super fun.  Today we met up with Grampy, Nana, Jenna, Delaney and Hudson for lunch at Fuddruckers.  We got to visit and then they came back and we showed them how to just dance and looked at pictures. It was nice to get to spend some time with Grampy and Nana!  Tomorrow Daddy starts looking for a new job before we end up living under a bridge.  Unfortunately Friday, B lost his job.  It's not the worst news in the world, but certainly not the best either, so think happy thoughts that he finds something soon (and I don't have a stroke or kill him in the mean time).

Looks like we're gonna have some beautiful weather this week, so hopefully we'll be able to get out and get some nice outside pictures!

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