Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Madge!

Today is my little sister Maggie's 22nd birthday (she's catching up to me fast, pretty soon SHE can be the older sister).  LOL!  She is a fabulous sister, daughter, aunt, and friend and is loved by many. Hopefully she knows it!  My sister is a senior at Texas A&M majoring in Sociology (like me!) and is hoping to get into a nursing program next year (also like me!). YAY!  She's coming to see her nephew - and the rest of us- this weekend.  We can't wait for Aunt Madgie to visit.

So what have we been up to. It's been a busy couple of days around here for us...as busy as it gets anyway.  Sunday I tried to finish up my laundry and get ready for the superbowl.  Of course things never go smoothly around here.  Around 9am the swing batteries died.  This is an absolute NO NO in our house...if you don't know, our kid lives in the swing.  He loves it and it's where he gets his best sleep. So when the crickets died, the screaming started.  B had locked the dogs out that morning for being nuts so they were outside and I was trying to vacuum and clean some. Tyler was happily playing in the jumperoo.  B heard him fart but that's nothing new or interesting...and I guess he wasn't too worried about it. Well I'm trying to make a Walmart list for him when Tyler starts crying. I pick him up and after a second of holding him realize that he has poop all down the front of his pants. GREAT. Poop running all down his leg, so i take his pants off, attempt to wipe him down and realize this isn't gonna work, a bath is gonna be necessary.  So then B decides to take off...i no longer have time to deal with making him a list. This is what happens when you're the one that does everything.  So he leaves, I bathe the kid and dress him.  So we're playing on the floor and I hear the dogs at the door. I look out and see they are both covered in mud.  It was a tiny bit warmer on Sunday but it was still FAR too cold to hose them down outside.  So B gets home and we decide they must be bathed inside.  This is not an issue with Jenny, who weighs 20 lbs, but Palin is a bit bigger at 65 lbs. Let us not forget she has sever doggy anxiety and ADD.  In the end we survived. So then we finished up what we were doing, and were joined for the super bowl by Grammy Rita, Jenna, Delaney and Hudson.  It was a pretty low key evening. We watched the game, played with the kiddos and then Just Danced after. 

Yesterday we went over to Audra's to visit with her and Grace before Jenna has to go back to work next week. It was fun to get to hang with the babies and chat. Tyler couldn't keep from pooping all over his onesie of course, so that was the fun moment of the day...well that and Hudson wigging out on the way home.  We picked up Delaney and then the cousins had a fun time hanging out and playing.  Tyler is absolutely enamored with Delaney, he thinks she's the greatest! He just lights up when she talks to him and plays with him, she is a great big sister and cousin!

So today we don't have any big plans. Word on the street is that we're getting more snow tomorrow but we'll see about that.  We may be getting geared up for nothing.  We'll see I guess!

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