Monday, January 31, 2011

winter weather on the way

We're preparing for the possibility of more winter weather. Not sure what exactly, but in the event that we get some (who ever knows really) I didn't want to be left with some a bag of golden puffs (ICK) and some packages of tuna. Yeah we need to go grocery shopping.  So anyway Tyler took a nice long nap this morning and after he woke up we went to Target to grab our survival supplies.  We get about a block away when i hear him gag in the backseat.  I was at a stop sign so i turn around and stick my hand back there just in time to grab a handful of barf.  YUM.  So we get to Target and I jump in the back seat and he has barfed all over his blanket, clothes and car seat strap. I clean everything up and change his clothes (in the backseat of my jetta) and we head into the store.  It was a relatively uneventful trip minus the dumb woman trailing me through the store who apparently was in a huge hurry to be in my way. Whatever...  Tyler slept a large portion of the time we were there and then we went to Chick Fil A for some lunch.  He of course woke up and cried in the drive thru...i wonder how many times a day a baby is crying in the back seat in the drive thru line. 

Got home, unloaded all of my belongings and ate lunch with the little guy at the table.  As I've mentioned before he likes to kick it in the bumbo while we eat.  So I watch him worm around so he's hanging over the side of his bumbo, and what do I do?  Well a responsible parent might correct his position (which to my credit...i did) but when that didn't work I grabbed my camera, because it was too funny.  Never you fear, he is always supervised. 

We spent a while hanging out on the floor, playing in the bouncy chair and kicking the vibrator and music on and off.  That was lots of fun, and Tyler laughed quite a bit today.  So then B came home from work, we ate dinner and Tyler pooped at the table again (i wonder if this is goign to be a problem in the future?) and the little guy got a bath.  Now we're patiently waiting for him to decide to go to sleep. Pray for us.

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