Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

Today was our first SNOW of the season!  There is one thing i love about the last two years...we have had beyond beautiful snow.  Huge, white, fluffy, amazing snow. I was born just outside Chicago and while we moved here to Dallas 6 months after I was born, I remember visiting up North during the winter and watching the gorgeous fluff fall from the sky. Maybe I just don't remember it, but have winters ever had such beautiful snow in Texas before?  Anyway I am sitting here on the couch watching Tyler sleep and the snow fall from the sky and I could not be happier. Well I guess I could if I had a hardcore decongestant as it seems we're passing the sickness around here, but I'll take it for what it is...and it is magical.

Tyler is still getting past his illness so we definitely did NOT want him out in the snow for long...but we did dress him up in some of his sweet gear he got for Christmas from Grammy and Grampa and ran outside for 2 minutes to grab a couple of pics. And luckily we didn't have bigger plans b/c it seems our little man is NOT a fan of the cold wet stuff.  He screamed, we ran inside, the end. But I couldn't pass up the one chance we might have at a beautiful snow day.  The dogs on the other hand had a blast and we had lots of fun playing with them.  Now all three of my kids are happily snoozing around me.

So a handful of pics to commemorate the magic:
In the bear suit Aunt Maggie bought me
dressed like daddy
 in the snow with mommy
pay pay snow puppy
hi mommy
Tyler and Daddy
Jenny taking the high ground

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