Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend update

This weekend I thought it might be fun to do a day in the life of Tyler.  I wanted to pick a day where we had a bit more going on that might be interesting. Let's just say yesterday was an interesting day...

You've already read about the antics last night, so you know how the story ends (more or less)...but we'll start the day from the 5 am wake up cry and journal a few events from the day.

At 5am Mommy's alarm goes off, and by alarm i mean me fussing at her as loud as I can.  When I wake up, I want why bother avoiding the inevitable.  Mommy knows what's good for her, so we go to the living room.  I'll spare you the boob photos, but that's what we do.  Then Mommy usually pumps the other side.

So at 5:15 I went in the swing and when she was done Mommy went back to bed.  Mommy woke up to Daddy leaving for work and then again at around 8:45 we both got up for the day.  We started with some stretching, another feeding, and a diaper change!!

 There's scary mommy!

We played a little and hung out.  I got tired and fell asleep on Mommy.  Jenny and Palin got in trouble for fighting again!

I went back into the swing so Mommy could shower and get ready to go to Grandma's. I woke up around noon and ate again (yeah this kid loves to eat!) Then we had another diaper change and played until it was time to go.

We drove 30 minutes to Grammy and Grampa's house. When we got there Grammy changed my diaper and played with me.  Then I hung out with my Uncle Johnny for a little bit.  I stayed with Grammy while Mommy went to take pictures at a birthday party.  Mostly I just napped.  We don't have any pictures of me sleeping, but I had fun.

Mommy had to come back pretty quickly because she forgot my milk and didn't want me to cry and be mad (or starve).  I woke up right when she got home, and Uncle Johnny came home too! I got to eat and then I hung out with my Uncle Johnny some more.  He's really funny. 

A picture mommy took while she was gone
 Grammy and Me waking up from my nap
Mommy and Grammy then decided to order Johnny Carino's for dinner.  When grandma went to pick it up Mommy changed me into my Tony Soprano outfit, a brown track suit that says Big Guy.  Aunt Madge gave it to me for Christmas.  I looked super cute.

We ate dinner and then Mommy packed up the car. Said bye to Grammy and Grampa and went home to get Daddy and go to Sean's birthday party. We all know how that ended up. After that we went home, I ate and went right to sleep!! It was a great day!

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  1. Katie, I love the blog! It's adorable! Tyler is getting so big and so animated!!!! He's a riot! And btw...I love love love the dark hair on you! Fierce baby!