Thursday, January 13, 2011

soooooo tired

We missed posting yesterday. I took pictures but a certain someone has been putting me through the wringer as far as sleep is concerned this week. He's been up at 2 the last 2 nights and last night thought throwing in a 3:30 would be good too. I have no clue what is going on with this kid but hopefully we can move past this phase quickly.  Parenting is very much a joy but it is also a challenge and sometimes I wish someone else would come deal with the hard stuff.  We're learning and we'll get through this.  I just wish we had a schedule of some kind.

I digress...

So what else is going on? We're still fighting the dreaded disease around here and have been home bound because of the cold and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have cabin fever. I'm going nuts here.  So as much as I love the cold weather it will be nice when it warms up long enough to go somewhere.  Luckily we have plans to go out for Nana's birthday tomorrow night.

Tyler has been working on laughing recently.  He smiles big and breathes in and gives me a little ha, but i look forward to the day that he actually giggles.  He's been talking to me more and I love the sound of his little voice.  He also really enjoys standing on me and stomping. He's getting big so fast!

He does a great job of expressing his emotions and we've been lucky so far that he is happier more than he is sad! However when he is sad, he's the cutest sad baby ever!

Sad/Mad Baby
 Happy Baby
 and i just really love this...

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