Tuesday, January 18, 2011

picture day!

Tyler is 3 months old tomorrow! I can not believe it!  Time just goes by too fast but I am still enjoying being at home with him and feel lucky that I've been able to be with him this long already.  Today was a very pretty day so I decided to take him out for a quick photo shoot in honor of his 3 month milestone! I'm pretty happy with them despite the outfit choice.  Next time we'll do something that doesn't have a zipper so he doesn't have crazy bumps and bulges in his clothes. Nothing else has been too exciting today. Just lots of sleepin' and eatin'.

So here's the fun stuff:


  1. Kate you did an AWESOME job!!! LOVE the pics!!!! hes getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!:(

  2. I love the pics!!! He's such a stud!