Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I got the privilege of spending the day at home with my husband. Well I say we spent the day together, I mean he was in the same house.  It was nice to have him home to make sure Tyler was snoozing nicely while I went back to sleep...but this isn't a whole lot different than any other day.  I probably drove him nuts asking him what he was doing every 30 minutes and asking him to suck Tyler's snot out, and play with the dogs because they were making me crazy.  But hey, we don't get to do this everyday.  Tyler slept a good portion of the day, guess he's still recovering.  I started to clean but know how that goes.

Tyler had a blowout tonight and i handed b some pants to put on him. Next thing i know, this is what we have:

half naked baby!!
 saying hi to his fans!

Also in honor of healthy eating i made roasted chickpeas today, YUM!!

This was a terribly random post. Perhaps tomorrow i'll be more on my game!

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