Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend wrap up

This title reminds me of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, which is the only thing I miss about getting up and going to work...besides a pay check.

So Friday night was pretty uneventful. Ashley came over and we hung out with the little guy while B played with his gun in the garage. Then he went to get us dinner and Ash got tired so B and I ate chick-fil-a and watched animal hoarders.  My life is SO boring these days.

Saturday I went and tried on bridesmaid dresses with Katie and the rest of the girls for her wedding.  I decided on the strapless number which will arrive in mid to late March.  Daddy and baby were at home left to fend for themselves, and the girls went for a ladies lunch at Olive Garden.  I decided since I was a solo mama, to run by Target for things as well.  Tyler got a VERY cute new shirt that says Hello Ladies.  I just really want to find him a shirt that says I *heart* boobs.  That would be awesome.  Maybe I should just make one. Got home in time to hang with him and B and enjoy the pretty day.  We had a super exciting dinner of Chipotle, which Tyler interrupted for me by demanding my attention, at which point Jenny took it upon herself to save me a few calories and help herself to my guacamole. Lucky me.  That night we were honored to have a visit from Tyler!! We LOVE Tyler and miss her now that she doesn't live here. This was my first time to see her since May, now she's married (I had to miss her wedding b/c of Mr. Man being just 11 days old) and I have a baby!  We got to visit just a little bit and I am so thrilled to get to see her. I miss my friend!

Today B had his CPA exam so I knew it was gonna be interesting.  He woke me up with McDonald's breakfast (mmmmmmm coffee) and some DIY tv.  He went to study and me and the Mr. hung out for a while.  We went and had lunch with some of the fam, and after lunch Jenna and the kids came over to our house since B was gonna be gone and Chris was sleeping. That was lots of fun. We watched some Redneck Comedy Tour, played iPhone games and of course wrestled the two crazy boys.  Then B called and he brought home some Long John Silvers. We also did Delaney's homework and collected as many toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles as we could find.  Man I do have an exciting life?!
 Hudson screaming
 Happy Tyler
 Laney's such a good baby sitter
 goofy kiddos
 Hudson was watching TV
 so cute
 Hi sissy!!
 snuggle bugs
 hey dude
 Uncle B doing the snot sucker
 The boys playing
 What's up buddy?!
 Delaney and Uncle B doing homework

So what's coming up this week.  I have lost my sanity and will have 4 boys to myself tomorrow: 4, 2.5, 1 and 3 months.  Hahaha we'll see if I survive.

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  1. oh my gosh i love ALLLL of the pictures! they are all so stinkin cute and Delaney looks like such a good little aunty! I could learn a few things from her...I'm jealous that B got to snot suck and I think Hudsons only crying because someone put him in that horrendous shirt! :)