Saturday, January 22, 2011

big post coming

I'll have a big weekend wrap up tomorrow. But for now I just want to share the highlight of my evening.  Today is our friend Sean's birthday and we had plans to go bowling tonight with him, his fiancee Katie and other friends.  We were running late (what else is new) and got there at like 9:45.  I had heard this place was like Main Event and figured that like Main Event it was family friendly.  I guess it is... before 9pm.  I will say it's kinda noisy and there is a bar, but i wouldn't consider it a "bar" or I would never take my 3 month old there.  Well, we walk in the and 5' tall "bouncer" tells us its 21 and up after 9. Um OKAY...we're both obviously over 21.  Oh wait, you mean we can't join our friends b/c we have a three month old in a car seat with us? Okay.  Well guess we didn't want to spend any money there anyway.  The friends of our friends were more pissed than we were saying that there were a lot of other little kids running around there.  Its nice that they were supposedly concerned about his safety (after all I suppose a fight could break out...but really what are the odds?)  Well I hope the five year olds they have running around there wore their bullet proof vests and helmets. Its cool though, b/c they got there at 8:30.  LOL  So Tyler you've officially been kicked out for being underage, and we are officially old.


  1. That's funny Kate! I can't believe they did that!!

  2. OMG! I guess being a part of the party was just not meant to be last night! But that is CRAZY!!