Thursday, January 20, 2011

baby talk & father/son time

Tyler has started doing two things recently that are my favorite baby things ever:  talking and laughing.  He has a very breathy laugh and half the time you can't tell if he's really laughing or crying because he goes from one to the next faster than even the most hormonal pregnant woman.  Its comical, but precious.  He loves to talk to me and adores any weird "baby talk" noises I make at him.  I told B at dinner tonight, one of the things I love most is that he thinks I am the funniest person in the world, and I am NOT funny.  My brother is funny, my sister is funny, my husband is funny...but I am not funny.  I am just surrounded by funny people and I hope that he is as funny as all of them, but I'll take the free laughs while I can get 'em.

We're obviously going through a clingy phase.  I as I type this B is holding Tyler because if you put him down for 5 minutes he starts crying. It has been a rough couple of weeks with him...but like all of the other "challenges" of parenthood, this won't last forever.  Someday in the not so distant future I will forget that he did this and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to do this again someday.

Jenna and I were talking yesterday about B and Chris and as much crap as we give them and they give us, we realize that we're lucky to have them.  They are both great men and great fathers. I consider myself so lucky to have a wonderful husband who loves me and our son very much.  When I was pregnant and shortly after I had him I thought seeing B as a dad really was going to be the greatest thing in my life, and it is. I love them both so much.  There's my sap for the week.

All of that being said, I told B before he got home that he was going to be entertaining Tyler for a little bit when he got home. Because he's been so clingy and difficult today I am feeling a bit whiney myself tonight.  So here's what we've got for the pics of the day.

Father / Son TV time

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  1. Nathan's time with dad often involves an X-box! I'm worried that he will become a gamer.

    Hooray for dads who take an active part in parenting!