Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 3 months Pumpkin!

Our little boy is 3 months old today!! I know I say it a lot but time really does go too fast! Today we took some recent "bath" pics. I am trying to teach Tyler to splash and play in the tub but for now I'm just happy he sits in there without sobbing.  But with the crazy hands and feet this kid has, once he figures it out he's gonna love it.

Today we had an outing with Hudson, Aunt Jenna and Aunt Tammy.  We went out to Aunt Tammy's and picked her up and then went to Scotty P's at Firewheell Mall.  The drive out to Aunt Tammy's is pretty long for little guys and they were both awesome!  But I got a good idea of what it would be like to have twins...I found myself with one hand holding a bottle and the other hand in the other kids mouth. It was quite fun.  We sat and chatted and ate then took Aunt Tammy home and said hi to Big Daddy.  Then we headed back to McKinney to pick Delaney up from school.  She told us all about her homework and was so happy to see her brother and cousin.  She asked us to come to gymnastics with her so we did.  She did so great and is developing into quite a character the older she gets.  Such a turkey!  On the way home we picked up some Taco Bell and went back to their house to eat it.  Tyler decided he needed to eat (twice) and then I got conned into a game of Go Fish with my niece the card shark.  I told her we'd have to play again next week and watch Toy Story 3.  She is such a doll and I love getting to hang out with her. She sure does love her cousin too!!

Hudson watching gymnastics
 Full backseat
 The boys

We had a super fun day and can't wait to do it again!!

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