Monday, January 24, 2011

It's 9:30pm, do you know where your child is?

Mine is IN BED....SLEEPING!! It is a small miracle.  No wait, a big miracle.  My kid doesn't sleep...he does not. We fight him tooth and nail to go to bed every night.  Tonight, after bath time, he just passed out.  I guess I wore him out today.  Honestly I think he feels bad.  He even took a  1+ hour nap today too!  But still, I will rejoice in not wanting to cry as I fall into bed. Now if he will just stay can hope. 

We didn't do much today, like i said i think he felt bad. But we did go out and take a few pics in the backyard that I was wanting to try and it was nice weather so we went.  I didn't get what I wanted per se, but I did get a couple of shots that I thought were alright. Other than that we did some tummy time, took a nap, and hung out.  Wish I had more exciting stuff to talk about, but today was just one of those days.

Crap, he's awake.  Thanks neighbor's car alarm.

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